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Advanced Aquarist Non Guarantee Species List


The Specimens listed on this page are Advanced Aquarist Species Only. That means these items either have an increased level of care required, are very difficult to ship, or are more difficult to acclimate to the home aquarium environement. Therefore all below are recommended only for the expert marine aquarist, zoo, or research institution. These items have no guarantee offered or implied.Please order these items at your risk as we recommend Advanced Aquarist Species be left for the experts and not for the home aquarist unless he or she is very comfortable with advanced species. But in any and all cases they do not carry any guarantee and if they arrive dead or die after arrival there will not be credit issued.
Special Notice: Items in red are considered dangerous to other members of the tank because they secrete toxins that can kill the remaining tank inhabitants if they die. We will not be held responsible for any reason.
Boxfish/Cowfish(ship well but can poison an entire tank)
Black Boxfish
Blue Boxfish
Helmet Cowfish
Longhorn cowfish
Red-White Barred
Shaws Trunkfish 

Clams (ship well but may be picked upon by certain fish and invertebrates)
All Clams
flame scallops
electric flame scallops

Bat Fish - All Species

blackcap basslet (Gramma melacara)
candy basslet (Liopropoma carmabi)
swissguard basslet (
Liopropoma rubre)
swalesi basslet (Liopropoma swalesi)

All Carpet Anemones

All Octopus
All Squid

Cucumbers - All species

Blueface Tile gobie
Flashing Tile gobie
Purple Tile gobie(Hopolatilus Purpureus)
Skunk Tile gobie(Hopolatilus Marcosi)
Golden Head Sleeper Goby
Flaming Prawn Goby (Griessingeri)

Bluespot Jawfish
Pearly Jawfish
Lobsters - All species

- All species

Lionfish - All species

Pipefish - All species

Saltwater Fish Mated Pairs
Mated pairs are shipped in seperate bags, but in the unfortunate case one does die, we cannot guarantee a customer a pair after delivery. Therefore pairs must come without a guarantee.

Sea Apples - All species

Seahorses - All species

Sea Slugs - All species
(ship well but they get sucked up in pumps very easily, we suggest adding safety sponges or netting to all pumps and powerheads within the aquarium.

All Wild Species

Sponges - All species are not guaranteed

Blue Linkia (Do not do well any time)
Brittle Starfish (loose legs, but they grow back)
Feather Starfish (poor shipper)

Shrimp (all species not covered because very hard to acclimate - suggest acclimation VERY SLOW for 4 - 5 hours)

SPS Corals
Wild Colonies
Wild Frags

Surgeon Tangs
Achilles Tang
Clown Tang
Chevron Tang

Juvenile and Adult Red Coris
Blue Streak Cleaner
Photos are representative of each species. Each animal is unique and variations should be expected.
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