Aquacultured Acanthastrea lordhowensis Package
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Aquacultured Acanthastrea lordhowensis Package, Australia

Picture of Aquacultured Acanthastrea lordhowensis 3 Pack or 6 Pack
Approximate Size: 1" to 2"

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With our Aquacultured Acanthastrea lordhowensis Package you can start growing your own Acanthastrea lordhowensis corals. Your package includes either 3, 6, 9, or 12 total healed Acans from 1 to 2 inches in size from our large variety of aquacultured pieces. The Acanthastrea lordhowensis, also known as 'The Lord', are the most colorful of the Acanthastrea genus. We have a very large variety of these aquacultured gems. Acan's come in most color combinations from red, purple, green, orange, blue, rust, brown and pale gray, to pale tan. If you order multiple packages all Acan's will be different. Combined they make a beautiful assortment for your reef tank.

The Acanthastrea lordhowensis are great corals and are very easy to care for. They are not at all demanding and they will readily grow new polyps. They do not need to be fed since they use the dissolved organics in the tank for nourishment.

The A. lordhowensis has been propagated in captivity with great success, leading to a variety of colors.

Difficulty Easy to care for, making them an excellent choice for the beginner.

Aggressiveness A semi aggressive coral, Acanthastrea are nocturnal predators and competitively extrude feeder filaments and digest organisms within reach, so be careful with placement and distance between colonies.

Water-flow It requires slow to medium water flow.

Lighting It requires low to moderate lighting (PAR 50-150). T5's or LED's can all grow Aquacultured Acanthastrea and lords when the proper PAR levels are provided. Do not use Metal Halides since the they will not fully open. We recommend a 14-20K color spectrum for best coloration.

Tank Recommendations Provide a moderate light, as strong light will prevent the polyps from opening fully. Water flow should be low as well. Like other members of the Mussidae family, the polyps tentacles come out at night to feed. Provide enough room between each mini colony because they open up large when they have the room.

Diet and Feeding For best growth and frag recovery time target feed minced meaty foods, liquid micro-plankton and zoo plankton, frozen mysis shrimp or brine shrimp.

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