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Premium Live Rock Combination Box


Premium Live Rock Combination Box

Our Premium Box of Combination Live rock contains a mixture of all our best live rock, all in one box, all of the very best quality. So how do we do it? Aquarium Creations Online hand picks the best pieces to sell as our Premium Live Rock to assure you receive only premium grade. We sort based on overall appearance. It may have been flown in as Premium, but there is always an amount that does not meet our standards. This rock is pulled and sold as foundation rock, and sump rock. The remaining true Premium Combination live rock is then placed in our vats of fresh synthetic seawater, re-hydrated, and when the orders come in, we carefully package each piece, and place them in an insulated cooler like container, and then that goes in a final corragated shipping box. Our Premium Combination Boxes of live rock contain live rock from our premium varieties. Every piece is unique and a celebration of the oceans ability to create beauty from nature.

All orders are hand picked, then hand packaged, first wrapped in plastic and paper for cushioning, then we pack all orders in a styro foam container and styro foamies for extra cushioning.

Premium Live Rock is easy to maintain in the aquarium, and makes an excellent candidate for the beginner to the expert aquarist. Premium live rock requires moderate lighting and moderate water movement, along with the addition of calcium, strontium, iodine, and trace elements.

Adding rock to a tank who already has fish or coral in it - Although our live rock has been treated ,cleaned, and pre-cured, it is imperative to do a final cure of any live rock
from any supplier, upon receipt, before it is placed in the display aquarium that contains fish, coral, or inverts.

Recommended amount of Live Rock - Combo is 1-3/4 to 2 pounds per gallon. This amount will create a beautiful aquascape, and add the necessary biological necessary for a true aquarium ecosystem.

Guaranteed hand picked and hand packaged!!

Note: A small amount of rubble may be present upon receipt of the box as this is normal and is a result of transportation. The rubble can help to seed new aquariums, or can be added to the refugium to establish hiding places for copepods and other micro-fauna.

Premium Combo Per Pound 

25 Pound Box 

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Due to variations in live rock, please expect differences in size and shape. Newly shipped live rock will not contain much color. As long as your tank parameters are kept in good check coralline colors will become evident on the live rock over time but it doesn't happen overnight. Please be patient. If you wish immediate purple colored rock we suggest you purchase a artificial live rock we sell called "RealReef Rock". RealReef Rock comes with lifelike purple coloration applied to the surface of the rock. Finally from going through shipping, a very small amount of rubble rock may be present upon receipt of the box. This is normal and is a result of transportation to your door. The small amount of rubble can help to seed your new aquariums, or can be added to the refugium to establish hiding places for copapods and other micro-fauna.