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Danner Mag-Drive Supreme Aquarium Pumps

Danner Energy efficient water pumps are perfect for many applications. They can be used in either wet or dry applications, including wet/dry or sump return pumps and protein skimmers. For freshwater or saltwater applications.
5 Year Manufacturer Warranty.  

Danner Mag Drive Water Pump

Danner Mag-Drive Aquarium Pump

The perfect combination of power and efficiency. These powerful pumps feature an epoxy encapsulated motor and a ceramic, magnetic impeller. Use as an in-line or submersible pump in any freshwater or marine application. Prefilter included. No oiling required and no seals to wear out.

Danner Supreme Pump with Fractionating Impeller

Danner Model Supreme Aquarium Pumps
with Fractionating Impeller

Danner Supreme Water Pumps with Fractionating Impeller, come with Front-Mounted Venturi and unique Noise-Suppressor. Perfect upgrade or replacement pump for Protein Skimmers and ideal for use as a Saltwater or Freshwater Aquarium Pump.

Danner Supreme Hy-Drive Water Pumps

Danner Pro HY-Drive Aquarium Pump

The Hy-Drive pumps are unique, high-capacity pumps designed specifically for use in larger tank installations. Hy-Drive pumps can be positioned vertically or horizontally and are equally at home underwater as a submersible pump or as an inline, external pumping source.