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  Deadmans Fingers Plant, Codium decorticatum
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Deadmans Fingers Plant, Codium decorticatum

Picture of Deadmans Fingers Plant, Codium decorticatum

Our Clean Macroalgae is aquacultured in large vats not connected to any fish system to avoid possible parasite or bacteria contamination. You can place our macroalgae directly in your tank without worry.

Description: The Deadmans Fingers Saltwater Plant, Codium decorticatum is an attractive ornamental plant that instantly beautifies live rock and other open spaces giving aquarium displays a mature, established appearance. The emerald green color, bold finger-like appearance, and its simplistic care make the Deadmans Fingers a great finishing touch for saltwater fish aquariums, reef tanks, seahorse tanks or refugiums. The infrequently seen Deadmans Fingers Saltwater Plant is slow growing, calcareous, thick and sturdy finger-like filaments, that are somewhat buoyant, yet nice looking and havens for small crustaceans. This sea plant can reach 12 inches (30 cm) in height if not trimmed, but its a slow grower and is easily dislodged, breaking into smaller pieces. The Deadmans Fingers Plant is also called Green Fingers Plant or Green Fleece plant. The saltwater plant easily adds a beautiful waving appearance in the saltwater aquarium when a current is flowing against it. Easily can be attached to live rock or shells with super glue. Another nice benefit is that one of the few plants most herbivorous fish do not find paletable. In addition to all its aesthetic benefits, the Deadmans Fingers Saltwater Plant provides water quality improvement through nutrient export by pulling Nitrates and Phosphates and other toxins from the saltwater for a cleaner, healthier marine environment.

Occurring worldwide, from equatorial regions to the polar zones, normally inhabiting shallow, muddy bays and harbors. Codium decorticatum provides shelter for many small creatures, and food for certain sea slugs, snails and sea urchins. In fact, people eat the Deadmans Fingers Plant, Codium decorticatum too. Raw Codium has an earthy flavor, much like oysters, and is full of vitamins and fatty acids.I n Hawaii it's eaten raw, often with tomatoes. It shouldn't be cooked or blanched because it becomes mushy and disintegrates from the heat. In Japan it's preserved in salt.

Difficulty to Grow:Easy

Reef Safe:Yes

Lighting Requirements:Provide 75 to 100 watts of 5100K to 6700K floodlight lighting or equivalent fluorescent lighting to thrive. It is important to promote a good growth rate, as the harvested plants are what removes the nutrients from the aquarium ecosystem. Faster plant growth will allow for more frequent harvesting, which will in turn increase the filtration benefit of the Saltwater Plants.

Waterflow:While the Deadmans Fingers Plant, Codium decorticatum is easy to grow in most conditions, it will be much more efficient at nutrient export if provided ideal conditions. Ideally it should be grown in low water currents and can be provided plenty of light.

Water Parameters:72-82° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.026

Supplements: Magnesium, Trace Elements, Iron

Approximate Purchase Size: 2" – 4"

Care Info.. Float the unopened Saltwater Plant bag in the aquarium for 30 minutes to 1 hour to allow the temperatures to equalize. Then place in your tank, sump, or refugium. Trim back your plants periodically to directly remove the absorbed toxins from your water.

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