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 Frequently Asked Questions

Aquarium Questions

How do I make sure my new livestock is compatible with each other and with what I already have in my tank?
Simply review our compatibility chart : Click Here for Compatibility Chart
What do I need to do to my aquarium before my order arrives?
Before your order arrives, it is best to do make sure you have a healthy aquarium with 0 Ammonia by testing, 0 Nitrates by testing and a Low Nitrate Reading. Fish that have been in your aquarium will be used to the slowly changing water conditions, but new fish and Invertebrates will certainly perish if they go into an Aquarium that is in need of water changing prior to their addition because they are in not able to adjust during an acclimation process to bad water conditions. Besides doing a water change, make sure your filter media is clean, and examine the general condition of the current inhabitants.  We also Highly Recommend the use of an Aquarium Quarantine System to hold your new aquarium life for approximately 7 to 14 days prior to placing the new livestock in your main aquarium. This is a wise move any time you bring home new livestock. All fish shipped or coming from a local aquarium store will stressed, which may bring out stress associated issues such as ich. If provided a few days of solitude in a small aquarium with good water quality, they will do much better going into there final home aquarium.

How can I tell if my aquarium water is safe for new arrivals?
There are many excellent and easy to use test kits on the market to inspect your own tank, each with its own instructions for use. If you wish we can ship you out a Master Test Kit which will test all the necessary requirements with ease. Make sure to test your water parameters before your livestock arrives. If the water does not meet the parameters specified below, do a water change and recheck the levels. 

xxxxxxxxxxWater Parameters for a Healthy Saltwater Aquarium
Ammonia 0.0 ppm  
Nitrites 0.0 ppm  
Nitrates 0.0 - 20 ppm  
PH 8.1 - 8.4  
Specific Gravity   1.021 - 1.025 

Why Do Easy Marine Life Still Die?
Aquarium water that has had limited or no maintenance or water changes can still keep your long-lived inhabitants alive because these specimens lived through the gradual changes in the water, allowing them to acclimate over time to the poor water conditions. New inhabitants will often times die in such conditions over a few days or weeks since they were not able to acclimate to this water as gradually as the other inhabitants. For optimal survival and health of all your aquatic creatures, test your tank water and perform all necessary maintenance on a regular basis. If needed, do water changes before the arrival of your new tankmates.

Second: Follow proper acclimation procedures for specimens held in a bag for long periods of time. Procedures that work for a fish or invertebrates picked up at a local store are not sufficient to insure long term success for specimens that are being acclimated from being in a bag for as long as 24 hours. These items require a better form of acclimation.

In our experience, the majority of losses occur because of either rushed or improper acclimation. Please make sure your new specimens are acclimated into an established aquarium, this means an aquarium which has been established and has finished cycling. When acclimating new arrivals, please do not rush the acclimation process. It takes 3 to 5 hours to acclimate specimens who have been in a container for close to 24 hours, do not rush this procedure or your specimens will become stressed, become unhealthy, and can die immediately or up to one week later. Remember the longer you acclimate the better a chance you are giving your new livestock to a long, healthy life. Here we are providing you with the Correct Acclimation Procedures for livestock which have been shipped to you: Click here for a comprehensive guide to correct marine life acclimation,

Shipping Related Questions 

How are Aquarium Creations Online livestock orders shipped?
All Livestock orders are shipped via FedEx Overnight Air.  

How Long Will It Take Before My Order Ships? 
Please be aware that FedEx Overnight Air Does Not mean you will receive your order the day after you place it. Though we do our best to all orders shipped out as promptly as possible, understand the health and well being of your livestock is our top priority. There are many factors that influence when your order is able to ship out. First process is our livestock specialists review your order to determine if all of the items in the order have successfully completed our quarantine process, are eating well, looking healthy, and are safe for travel. Though we try to keep the Aquarium Creations Online website as up to date as possible there are times when certain livestock just do not cooperate with us by swimming around in our tanks waiting to be shipped. Other factors include our shipping load for the week, weather conditions in our area, FedEx sorting area, and the customers area, and of course we can only ship livestock on certain days to avoid weekend non-delivery.  

When Will My Order Ship? 
When all items in the order have been cleared for release, we will call you and e-mail you that your order is shipping out Overnight by FedEx. Not returning calls or e-mails will result in a delay in shipment. If for any reason the time and date provided will not work for you, just let us know during the call, and we will be happy to change the shipping address, have the package held at a FedEx facility, or hold the shipment until it is convenient for you. For information on your actual specific delivery time, please contact FedEx Customer Service: 1-800-PICK-FedEx (1-800-742-5877) since we are not able to determine delivery time.  

What Shipping Information Will I Receive?
The day your order ships, you will receive an e-mail from FedEx, typically in the evening, containing your FedEx tracking number so you can make arrangements to sign for your order when it arrives. If you do not see an e-mail from FedEx with your tracking number in your inbox by evening, please check your spam/junk folder as the e-mail may have been accidentally sorted into the wrong file, a common occurrence that can be avoided by adding FedEx's notification e-mail address to your address book. 

What Happens If the Temperature is Extreme When my order is ready to ship?
Aquarium Creations Online Uses excellent Insulated coolers and heatpacks and ice packs which together do an excellent job at keeping aquatic specimens at a very safe temperature in most cases. But when temperatures go to extremes, below around 25 degrees or above 100 degrees we find it more difficult to keep the shipment at an optimum temperature. If it is determined that the Temperature is to Extreme for being out in the cold or heat of the FedEx delivery truck , you will be asked to provide an address for your preferred FedEx Customer Center at which the shipment will be held for pickup. Please note that choosing not to provide a FedEx holding facility in the event of extreme temperature will void your livestock warranty since such conditions could very well be harmful to the aquatic life shipment.

What Happens If a Storm is forecast for your state?
If it is determined that the weather is too hazardous the shipment may be delayed until conditions improve. This can be poor weather such as snow in your area, it can also be poor weather in the FedEx Air Hub where your order is flying in and out of. In either case it's best for the good of the aquatic life to delay shipping until conditions improve.

Is it possible to Ask to Have My Order Held at a FedEx holding facility?
Absolutely! To reduce the stress on livestock, and as a convenience to our customers, Aquarium Creations Online endorses the use of qualified FedEx holding facilities as your shipment destination. However, you must provide us with the address of your preferred facility as your shipping address. Follow this link to find your nearest FedEx Customer Center. (Be sure to search only for FedEx Customer Centers as they are the only FedEx facilities that have guaranteed us that they will hold live animals.)

Can I have my order shipped to a location other than my billing address?
Yes you can, provided that you contact your credit card company and have it added as an approved address for your account. Please be aware that our billing department investigates all incidents of differing addresses, and this may delay the processing of your order. This is for your protection and ours to prevent credit card fraud. Explaining the different shipping addresses in your special order instructions can help expedite this process.  

Are Saturday deliveries available for livestock orders?
Certainly. FedEx offers Next Day Air delivery on Saturdays, but not all zip codes qualify for this service. There is an additional charge of $16.00 per box for all Saturday deliveries. If you desire a Saturday delivery, please be sure to select the appropriate shipping option at checkout and then request Saturday delivery under the special comments section when checking out. At the time of shipping your ordr you will be charged an additional $16.00 per box. To find out if Saturday delivery service is available in your area, please visit

Can you ship to an address outside of the continental USA?
Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to Hawaii, APO addresses, post office boxes, hotels, Puerto Rico, other U.S. Territories, or other countries, including Canada and Mexico. However, shipping to Alaska is available for an additional $30.00 charge per box.

Why Do I need to sign for my delivery?
All orders, be it livestock or dry goods, require a signature upon delivery. If you would like to waive this requirement, note that any livestock guarantee is void without exception and we must receive an e-mail before your order is shipped at stating that you authorize delivery without a signature and that you understand that doing so voids all guarantees. If you are unable to sign for your delivery, please arrange for another party to be present to receive the package or to have the package held at the authorized FedEx holding facility of your choosing. 

What do I do once my livestock order arrives?
To ensure the well-being of your new arrivals, we advise you to review our acclimation procedures as soon on our website as soon as possible. That way you are completely informed to the differences in acclimating livestock that have been in a bag for up to 24 hours versus livestock picked up at your local pet store and acclimated within an hour or so. Click here for our comprehensive guide to acclimation, derived from our 30+ years of shipping livestock. Please follow the steps outlined carefully as acclimation procedures differ for some creatures. Our website instructions are likely somewhat different from those provided by your local supplier because the stress that travelling can put on livestock requires a more attentive process for acclimation. A proper acclimation is the surest way to give your new aquarium inhabitants long and healthy lives.  

What Happens If I order Aquarium Supplies, and/or Live Rock/Live Sand with my Marine Life Order?
Livestock orders placed in conjunction with live rock, live sand, or aquarium supplies will be shipped separately to ensure the well-being of the aquatic life. 

Is There Discounted Shipping For Customers In Florida?
All orders over $125 being delivered to a Florida shipping address receive free shipping! If you're ordering just a little today, no problem! Florida orders under $125 get a greatly reduced shipping rate of only $19.99 and we give everyone in the State of Florida Free Shipping on all Live Rock & Live Sand orders no matter what the total!

How do I know my Out Of State Shipping Charge?
Livestock orders travel Next Day Air to ensure optimal health of all aquatic life. Shipping charges are based on the total dollar of your order. Please refer to the shipping chart on the link here: Aquatic Connection Shipping Page 

Are There Additional Shipping Charges for Shipping Large Fish (Large, XLarge, and Show Size)?
Yes there are. Generally the extra charge is $15.00 to $45.00 per fish, dependent on size. This is because these Large fish require either a full box or half of a box just to ship each fish in a large enough bag to get the fish healthy landed in your hands. Therefore we need to add the extra shipping on to offset this additional cost incurred. 

What do I do If I Have an Order Discrepancy?
Please check your package to verify that you have received everything you ordered and that no items have been damaged during transit. We must be notified of any order discrepancies within 5 days of the date of delivery. Any notification of a discrepancy more than 5 days from the date of delivery will not be considered. 

Questions on Warranty, Guarantee, and Terms of Sale

Is there a Guarantee that the items I have ordered and were shipped to me are suitable for my aquarium?
No guarantee of suitability or fitness for a particular purpose is given. All products sold by Aquarium Creations Online are new merchandise. All items delivered by Aquarium Creations Online are warranted as follows:

Does Aquarium Creations Online Have A Livestock Guarantee? - Our 2 Day Alive Guarantee
Aquarium Creations Online provides a 2 Day Stay Alive Guarantee on all Marine Life purchases except items on our "Restricted" or "Expert" list so please check before ordering. If any portion of your marine life purchase dies within the 2 days of overnight delivery, Aquarium Creations Online will issue you a store coupon good for a future marine life purchase. Store coupon is not cash, can only be used for marine life purchases, will not count towards any special offer, and expires 6 months after issue. Coupons issued cannot be combined with other coupon codes related to offers. Use the offer that is best for you. Accounts and store coupons can be refused byAquarium Creations Online at its sole discretion.

How Do I Make a Guarantee Request?
For Guarantee to be valid, the livestock delivery must of been successful on first attempt and package must of been signed for. FedEx signature and time stamp records are used for this purpose. A digital picture of the expired marine life in question, must be emailed to Aquarium Creations Online at The picture must be taken with the marine life out of its bag, with the tail cut off to prove the death and preferably on a white background for best visibility. Picture of the expired marine life must be sent within the 5 day guarantee. Late submissions will not be accepted. Failure of any of the terms outlined voids our livestock guarantee. Customer must email Aquarium Creations Online at within the 5 day delivery period to qualify. When sending the dead specimen email, please include the following the subject line: your order's 5-digit invoice number followed by the phrase "5 DAY DOA". (example: Invoice 12345 - 5 DAY DOA. This guarantee is limited to the value of marine life that has died and does not cover any associated damages or shipping charges. Aquarium Creations Online livestock guarantees are limited to livestock not on our "Restricted" or "Expert" list, so please check before ordering.

Aquarium Components & Supplies Warranty:
All Aquarium Components and Supplies are warrantied by the manufacturer. Any claim should be directly made to the manufacturer. Aquarium Creations Online warranty is limited to the value of goods sold and does not cover any associated damages. Aquarium Creations Online makes no further warranties unless specified in writing between the parties on this document. This warranty does not cover any damages due to accidents, misuse or negligence.

Terms of Sale:
Aquarium Creations Online, its parent company and subsidiaries shall not be held liable for any special, consequential, incidental or other damages to the product, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, loss of use or any damages or sums paid by buyer to third parties. By buying from Aquatic Connection, you are accepting the terms listed herein including all conditions and returns policies. 

Live Rock Questions

Does Aquarium Creations Online Have A Live Rock Guarantee?
Live rock Warranty: Limited to delivering the correct live rock to your door.Once delivered and accepted the warranty period ends. We will not guarantee an exact size or shape to the rock since this is truly out of our control. Rock will fracture during shipping and therefore if some rock is broken we cannot hold this as a warranty issue. Further, any live rock warranty is limited to the value of goods sold and does not cover any associated damages from the rocks usage.  
When I order Live Rock Will I See All the Coralline Algae Color as In Your Live Rock Pictures?
There always will be the loss of topical layer of coraline algae during the shipping process and further loss will happen in the aquarium while the Live Rock goes through the standard aquarium cycling process when you add Live Rock. The loss of this coraline algae coloration on the live rock is only temporary. It is due to the ammonia spike and Nitrite spike your aquarium or Live Rock Holding Vat will go through. Therefore loss of Coraline Algae will not be considered a warranty issue nor grounds for any return. .

How Long Does It Take For Coraline Algae Take To Return To Live Rock?
Coraline algae returns to Live rock over a period of a few months once the new aquarium has completed its cycling and water parameters are once again perfect. Adding a foundation system such as Seachem's Reef Fusion Part A and Part B will greatly help the stability of your aquarium and prove very efficient in returning beautiful coraline algae to your live rock. If you wish to receive live rock that is dominantly purple colored like coraline algae and will not loose it during cycling and shipping, we highly recommend the purchase of "Real Reef" Live Rock". It is a Bio-Active Live Rock which does not loose its purple color. 

Questions on Returns 

What Do I Do If I Have Shipping Damage On Aquarium Equipment or Aquarium Supplies?
We apologize greatly for any product that is damaged in shipment and will do all we can to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Please notify us by phone at 954-716-6347 or e-mail We must be notified of any incidents within 3 days of the date of delivery. Any notification of a discrepancy more than 3 days from the date of delivery will not be considered for a return because we are not able to make a FedEx claim for damage beyond 72 hours (3 days). 

Livestock, Live Rock, and Live Sand Returns
Because of the complex packaging procedures for all aquatic life and our primary concern for the health and well-being of all specimens we offer, we cannot accept any returns of any aquatic life, including livestock, live rock, and live sand. Please make your selections carefully. 

Returns of Aquarium Equipment
If an item does not meet with your satisfaction for any reason, you are welcome to return it. To return an item, you must obtain an RMA by calling (954) 716-6347 or emailing You must notify us of your desire to return your purchase within 5 days, and the returned shipment must arrive within 14 days of the issuance of the RMA. Returned item must be in the same condition (all packaging in place and equipment as originally shipped, in a condition where it can be placed back in stock. Shipping costs, insurance, and handling charges (if any) are non-refundable. Special orders are not returnable.Products which have been damaged, soiled, modified, or otherwise altered by the recipient are not eligible for return. Returns should be shipped insured. Refunds are for the final purchase price only, less a 15% restocking fee so please make your selections carefully. 

Returns of Aquarium Supplies?
We can’t accept any aquarium supply returns on anything that has been opened or used. If your item is defective, e-mail us at . If you are returning a new, unused aquarium supply product, To return an item, you must obtain an RMA by calling (954) 716-6347 or emailing You must notify us of your desire to return your purchase within 5 days, and the returned shipment must arrive within 14 days of the issuance of the RMA. Returned item must be in the same condition (all packaging in place and equipment as originally shipped, in a condition where it can be placed back in stock. Shipping costs, insurance, and handling charges (if any) are non-refundable. Special orders are not returnable. Refunds are for the final purchase price only, less a 15% restocking fee so please make your selections carefully. 

When and why are restocking fees applied?
There is a restocking fee of 15% on all returns for refund (RMA Refund), unless waived by a Customer Support Agent because of a very good reason. We charge this 15% restocking fee for all returns for refund to encourage customers to purchase products they intend to keep. We offer RMA Replacement (exchanges) without any restocking fee to support customers who have received a defective product or ordered a wrong size. 

Returns of Defective Equipment
If an item is defective therefore does not meet with your satisfaction, you may call the manufacturer for a replacement part or you may return the item back to us. To return an item, you must obtain an RMA by calling (954) 716-6347 or emailing Many times it's just a simple part that needs to be sent to you, so we follow those procedures first since you will not be without product for very long in that manner.

Does Aquarium Creations Online pay the return shipping cost for defective merchandise?
Aquarium Creations Online does not pay the return Shipping costs, insurance, and handling charges (if any), all are non-refundable. We are not responsible for product defects since we do not manufacture the aquarium products we carry. However, if you pay to send the item back to Aquarium Creations Online, we will replace the item and ship the replacement to you at no charge. Aquarium Creations Online will employ every resource it has to ensure that your item is replaced promptly, without hassle.

Order Cancellation Questions 

Can I cancel an order once I placed It?
Order cancellations on all items except special orders** will receive a full refund provided the order was not shipped out by Aquarium Creations Online to the customer or shipped out directly from the manufacturer to the customer. For authentication, all cancellations must be sent by either email or fax. Phone cancellations are not acceptable since a written record of all transactions must be kept. Please send email to Refunds take approximately 7 to 10 business days to process. **Please note that special order items cannot be cancelled once ordered therefore please order carefully.