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Frequently Asked Questions at Aquarium Creations Online

All Marine Life ships to You UPS Overnight Air. This does not mean you will receive your order the day after your order is placed. Though we do our best to all orders shipped out as promptly as possible, the health and well being of your marine life is always our top priority. There are factors that influence when your order is able to ship.

  • Orders are never able to ship the day the order is placed.
  • Orders can be held if a customer requests to hold till a specific date.
  • Orders are held if animals are to "Ocean Fresh" to be stress free, (no ocean fresh fish are ever shipped out).
  • Orders are held while our marine life specialists review your order to determine if all of the items in the order have successfully completed our quarantine period, are eating well, look good, and pass our health check.
  • Orders are held until we notify you that your marine life is shipping.
  • Orders are held to avoid weekend delivery.
  • Orders are held if there are poor weather conditions at FedEx shipping location, UPS Sorting location, or UPS delivery area (ex. ice, snow, wind, flood).
  • Orders are held if night time temperatures will be to low or to high for marine life to have a safe delivery.
Guarantee Information

Q. Does Aquarium Creations Online Have A Livestock Guarantee?
A. Aquarium Creations provides a 48 hour, 2 Day Stay Alive Guarantee on all marine life purchased except species on our Marine Life Restricted Guarantee List. Click Here for Restricted Guarantee List . All guaranteed marine life are covered for 48 hours from the delivery time stamp recorded by the shipping company. If any guaranteed marine life dies within 48 hours of delivery, and the appropriate steps are taken, Aquarium Creations will issue a store coupon good for a future marine life purchase. The store coupon is not cash and can be used for a future marine life purchase for a full 18 months.

Q. How Do I Make a Guarantee Request?
A. A digital picture of the expired marine life must be emailed to Aquarium Creations at The guarantee picture must be taken with marine life out of its bag, tail must be cut off,and placed on a white background for best visibility. Picture of the expired marine life must be sent during the 48 hour guarantee time. Late submissions will not be accepted. Failure of any of the terms outlined voids guarantee.

When emailing pictures please include the following on the subject line: your order's 5-digit invoice number followed by the phrase "48 Hour DOA". Example: Invoice 12345 - 48 Hour Death. This guarantee is limited to the value of marine life that has died and does not cover any associated damages or shipping charges.
Q. Is there a Guarantee that the items I ordered and were shipped are suitable for my aquarium?
A. If you are referring to your fish being suitable, there are no returns on any marine life. Simply review our compatibility chart : Click Here for Compatibility Chart

Q. Terms of Sale:
A. Aquarium Creations, its parent company and subsidiaries shall not be held liable for any special, consequential, incidental or other damages to the product, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, loss of use or any damages or sums paid by buyer to third parties. By buying from Aquarium Creations you are accepting the terms listed herein including all conditions and returns policies.

Refund Information

Q. How long does it take to get money back for any marine life we were unable to ship?
A. It takes just a few days for the funds to be available on your end. Processing the refund takes us a day and then the banks it goes through take a few days.

Q. How long does it take to get money back for a marine life order I wish to cancel?
A. Though we would love for you to enjoy our marine life, sometimes things happen and orders need to be cancelled. It takes less than a week for funds to be back in your hands. Processing the refund takes us a day and then the banks it goes through take a few days. But, whatever you do Do Not Call Your Bank To Reverse Charges. Banks perform a charge-back, not a refund. A charge-back against Aquarium Creations then initiates an automatic dispute by us. Suddenly the funds are held by your bank for a long long period of time. For whatever reason if you need to cancel we understand, just let us know and a few days later your refund will be complete.

Q. I don’t plan to order any time soon. Can you refund the store credit I have?
A. No. Store credit is not refundable. It remains valid for 18 months.

Shipping Questions

Q. Is There Discounted Shipping For Customers In The State of Florida?
A. All orders over $99 being delivered to a Florida address receive free shipping. Ordering just a little today, Florida orders under $99.00 get a greatly reduced shipping rate. With a shipping cost of only $9.99.

Q. Is There Discounted Shipping For Customers Outside the State of Florida?
A. All orders over $425.00 shipped to an address Outside the State of Florida receive free shipping up to a shipping charge of $60.00. If the Final UPS charge is over $60.00 we charge the difference on your credit card. Here's an example: Mr. Apple's order was $500.00 so he gets free shipping up to a credit of $60.00 for UPS . His actual UPS shipping charge was $71.00, therefore he will have an additional charge for shipping of $71.00 - $60.00 = $11.00. This charge will be a separate credit card charge when your order ships. It will not be on the initial order receipt since the final UPS shipping cost is not known at that time. If you wish to know this charge in advance please email and we will do the best we can to get the final charge for you. Please refer to the shipping chart on the link here: Aquatic Connection Shipping Page

Q. Why is there a $9.99 packing charge on my order?
A. The $9.99 is a packaging charge and it applies to all orders. It pays for the styrofoam box, cardboard box, heating or cooling packs as required.

Q. How do I know what date my package will be delivered?
A. Though we do our best to ship all orders as quickly as possible, understand the health and well being of your marine life is our top priority. There are factors that influence when your order is able to ship out. First process is our marine life specialists review your order to determine if all of the marine life in the order have successfully completed our quarantine process, are eating well, looking healthy, and are safe for travel. Though we try to keep the Aquarium Creations website as up to date as possible there are times when certain marine life are not ready yet.

Other factors include our shipping load for the week, weather conditions in our area, UPS sorting area, and the customers area, and of course we can only ship marine life on certain days to avoid weekend non-delivery. When all items in the order have been cleared for release, we will contact you that your order is shipping out overnight by UPS . If for any reason the time and date provided will not work for you, just let us know, and we will be happy to change the delivery date for you.

Q. What day’s do you ship/deliver on?
A. We ship Monday through Friday for deliveries Tuesday through Saturday. Saturday is $20 extra.

Q. How can I be sure my package has been shipped?
A. The day your order ships, you will receive an e-mail from UPS , typically in the evening, containing your UPS tracking number so you can make arrangements to sign for your order when it arrives. If you do not see an e-mail from UPS with your tracking number in your inbox by evening, please check your spam/junk folder as the e-mail may have been accidentally sorted into the wrong file, a common occurrence that can be avoided by adding UPS 's notification e-mail address to your address book.

Q. What Time Will My Package Arrive By?
A. Most deliveries should occur any time before 4:30 PM. You may upgrade to Overnight Priority delivery for $6.99 which ensures delivery by 10:30 AM in most areas.

Q. Do you ship to my zip code?
A. We ship to every zip code in every state in the continental U.S. that UPS provides service to, except for Hawaii.

Q. What carrier options are there?
A. All Aquarium Creations Marine Life orders ship via UPS for overnight delivery to your door. We use UPS exclusively. Supply orders ship by Ground or are drop shipped from the manufacturer.

Q. Do you ship outside the continental 48 states?
A. We ship to all U.S. states except Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Q. What happens if the temperature is extreme cold or extreme hot when my order is ready to ship?
A. Aquarium Creations Online Uses excellent Insulated coolers and heat-packs and ice packs which together do an excellent job at keeping aquatic specimens at a very safe temperature in most cases. But when temperatures go to extremes, below around 32 degrees or above 90 degrees we find it more difficult to keep the shipment at an optimum temperature. If it is determined that the Temperature is to Extreme for being out in the cold or heat of the UPS delivery truck, we hold your order until temperatures are back in the safe zone. If you wish to get delivery during extreme temperatures you can provide an address for your preferred UPS Office or Customer Center at which the shipment will be held for pick up.

Q. What Happens If a Storm is forecast for your state?
A. If it is determined that the weather is too hazardous the shipment may be delayed until conditions improve. This can be poor weather such as snow in your area, it can also be poor weather in the UPS Overnight Air Hub where your order is flying in and out of. In either case it's best for the good of the aquatic life to delay shipping until conditions improve.

Q. Can I pick up my package at a UPS location?
A. You can have your package shipped to any "UPS Office Center" or “UPS Ship Center”. During checkout you have a customer comment area where you can let us know the address of the UPS Center closest to you. This is an excellent free service which we highly recommend.

Q. My UPS package is delayed. What can I do?
A. Aquarium Creations Online Uses excellent Insulated coolers and heat-packs and ice packs which together do an excellent job at keeping aquatic specimens at a very safe temperature even if your marine life arrive hours late. Please call UPS at 1-800-GO-UPS . Provide UPS your tracking number. You can make special arrangements at that time.

Q. Does someone have to sign for the package?
A. We ship with no signature requirement. UPS will leave your package at the most visible door to them. If you have special instructions for UPS , please leave a note on the most visible door. We can’t guarantee that all requests can be accommodated, so please check the tracking on your delivery date.

Q. I won’t be home when my package is delivered. Is it okay for my package to stay outside until I get home??
A. We suggest that you be home, have someone home, or ship the package to someone who can bring it inside. The guarantee starts when the package is delivered, so the sooner the marine life is acclimated, the better.

Q. Will UPS knock on my door or place the package inside for me?
A. Leave a note taped to your door with any special requests. UPS may not always knock or ring your doorbell or follow your specific requests.

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