Saltwater Aquarium Anemones for Marine Reef Aquariums: Rock Flower Anemone
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Rock Flower Anemone

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Picture of Common Rock Flower Anemone Picture of Premium Red Rock Flower Anemone Picture of Ultra Red Rock Flower Anemone Picture of Premium Green Rock Flower Anemone Picture of Ultra Green Rock Flower Anemone
Common Rock Flower Anemone
Premium Red Rock Flower Anemone
Ultra Red Rock Flower Anemone
Premium Green Rock Flower Anemone
Ultra Green Rock Flower Anemone

Description: Rock Flower Anemone, Epicystis crucifer are found in a variety of colors. There are many brightly colored specimens readily available. Also known as Rock Anemone, they fix their foot onto rocks or other hard surfaces and, once attached, will not be moved easily. They are an excellent anemone to add some color to a reef tank as they stay under about 5 inches and usually stay in one place rather than moving around and stinging coral like many anemones do. They can also be placed in groups if desired. They tend to fluoresce very nicely under blue lighting. They can extend their foot up to several inches through substrate. They do not host clown fish, but will host crabs and shrimp that normally host in anemones like Porcelain Crabs or Sexy Shrimp. The anemones There are many different color variations available but they are all stunning and beautiful. You will receive an Ultra Red Rock/Flower Anemone when you order this type but it may be a different variation.

Tank Recommendations: Rock Flower Anemone do best in a typical reef environment, like a brightly lit rocky location in the tank. If you want them on the sand bed, place flower anemone on some coral rubble buried in the sand and they will usually stay put. Rock Flower Anemone are safe with fish and corals. Unfortunately they are not a suitable host for clownfish. They are hardy if kept under moderately good lighting, T5's,Power Compact's or better.

Food and diet: The Rock Flower Anemone get most of their nutrition from the aquarium lighting and dissolved nutrients in the water but once a week feeding's are beneficial. Small pieces of shrimp, clam, krill and other meaty foods can be fed occasionally by placing the food on top of the anemone near its mouth and making sure no other tank mates take it before the anemone can take it in.

Level of Care: Moderate

Reef Compatibility: with caution

Approximate Inflated Size: 2" to 3"

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