Finger Leather Coral, Green
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Finger Leather Coral, Green

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Approximate Purchase Size when Inflated
Small 2" to 3"", Medium 3" to 4", Large 4" to 5", XLarge 5" to 7"

Description Finger Leather Corals (Sinularia notanda) are a visually stunning corals that also are easy to care for, grow fairly quick, and are a durable leather coral. With its ease of care and great looks, it is the perfect coral for the beginner. Since it's a fast grower and a fairly easy to propagate, its the perfect first coral to learn about aquaculturing with. Known by many common names including Finger Leather, Green Finger Leather, Rasta Leather, Green Fiji Leather, and Sinularis Finger Leather. Because it's similar in form to other leathers, many of the same common names are used interchangeably such as Finger Leather, Knobby Leather, and Flexible Leather. When ordering this or any other leather, its best to always check the scientific name to make sure you are getting the coral you want. While the Green Finger Leather, Sinularia notanda's polyps are retracted they appear smooth, but when they are distended, they will often appear fuzzy. It really is nice to observe the smooth skin when the lights come on in the morning, and watch as Finger Leather extend their polyps for a day of feeding.

Care Level Easy

Aggressiveness Peaceful

Lighting & Flow Requirements The Green Finger Leather Coral requires a moderate water flow and likes strong, direct lighting. Lighting can be Power compacts, T5's, LED's, Metal Halides or any combination. For lighting spectrum use between a 14-20K color spectrum for your bulbs for best coral coloration.

Diet and Feeding Although Finger Leather Corals receive a portion of their nutritional requirements through the process of photosynthesis, which simply means their lighting creates symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae in the body of the leather coral which provides its nutrition, the Finger Leather Coral relies less on the process of photosynthesis, and depends more on obtaining outside food. Microplankton, marine snow, and dissolved materials should make up the bulk of the diet.

Shedding Most leather corals go through a natural process of cleansing, once in a while. Leather corals will shrink smaller and the outer skin will look strange as it sloth's itself off, shedding the top layer as it cleanses itself. Leathers may remain closed from just a few days to even a week or longer depending on the aquarium flow and other conditions, but they will reopen larger and even more beautiful than they were before.

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