Marine Life Guarantee Restriction - Aquarium Creations

Marine Life Guarantee Restriction

All of our Restricted Marine life have a guarantee to arrive alive, but certain fish are known to not handle stress well. When stressed, these species can loose the ability to ward off infection and disease. For those species we cannot offer an extended guarantee beyond arrival for one or more of the reasons outlined below.

  • Improper water condition: The conditions of your fish’s water can cause lots of stress if they are poorly maintained. If you see your fish not looking right, first suspect the aquarium's water quality. Conduct a water test to find out if there is anything wrong. Incorrect specific gravity of the water (amount of salt in the water), high ammonia, nitrite or nitrate level, improper pH (to high or to low), and improper temperature, all will cause stress.
  • Harassment from tank mates: Justy like us humans, not all fish will get along, they often feel cramped if they live with too many other fish in the aquarium it leads to various problems in fish combativeness and water quality. Or there can be the right number of fish in the aquarium, but they are the wrong fish. Make sure to check our compatability chart prior to purchasing a saltwater fish. Also, to keep stress under control saltwater fish need multiple hiding spots so that they can avoid aggressors. Last, when feeding your fish try to watch if all fish are eating, make sure their foods is being evenly distributed so your fish don’t won't have to compete for food.
  • Improper diet: Improper diet can cause stress. Make sure you know your fish’s nescessary diet and do your best to follow it. Other species have such specialized feeding requirements that is difficult to recreate in a aquarium and may succumb to malnutrition.
  • Chemicals and medications: One concern is always the presence of any added chemicals or medications in the aquarium. If you are treating a sick fish, first make sure it is properly quarantined in a seperate tank.
  • Disturbances of habitat: Disturbances such as banging on the aquarium or loud noises do lead to stress. If you have children, make sure they know to respect the fish’s home. If you have guest's in the home the same must apply.