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  Sale Prices on Saltwater Aquarium Fish, Live Coral, and Marine Invertebrates
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Sale On Saltwater Aquarium Fish, Live Coral, & Marine Invertebrates

100% Guaranteed Saltwater Fish, Live Coral & Marine Invertebrates. Its more than just words! To provide the best often means shipping from half way around the world. If not given the needed time to ease into saltwater aquarium life correctly it can have negative effect on the fishes health. At our holding facility all newly received marine fish are quarantined, then given time, placed in our holding systems for 15 to 30 days, depending species, for the fish to de-stress "put their fins up" and eat well. Because of this process we guarantee our customers quality saltwater fish.

Aquarium Conditioned
Hawaii Yellow Tangs
Zebrasoma flavescens

Hawaii Yellow Tangs On Sale

Small: 1-1/2" to 2" Small/Medium: 2" to 3-1/4"

Small Reg. $64.99 On Sale $44.99
Medium Reg. $69.99 On Sale $49.99

Aquarium Conditioned
Yasha White Ray Shrimp Goby
Stonogobiops yasha

Yasha White Ray Shrimp Goby

1-1/4" to 2"

Regular price $80.99 On Sale $64.99

Captive-Bred, Eating Well
Tigertail Seahorse,
Hippocampus comes

Tigertail Seahorse, Hippocampus comes

2" to 3"
Unsexed On Sale $69.99
Female On Sale $79.99
Male On Sale $89.99

Captive-Bred, Eating Well
Erectus Seahorse
Hippocampus Erectus

Hippocampus Erectus Seahorse
Approx. Size: 2" to 3"

Unsexed On Sale $69.99
Female On Sale $79.99
Male On Sale $89.99

Aquarium Conditioned
Blue Eye Golden Midas Blenny
Ecsenius midas, Africa

Blue Eye Golden Midas Blenny
Medium: 2" to 3" Large: 3" to 4"

Medium Reg. $54.99 On Sale $44.99
Large Reg. $64.99 On Sale $54.99

Blue Hippo Tangs Here Now!
Paracanthurus hepatus

Captive-Bred Blue Hippo Tangs Here Now!
Small: 1-1/4" to 2" Medium: 2" to 2-1/2"

Small On Sale $79.99
Medium On Sale $109.99

Marine Plants Lower Nitrates!
Red Dragon Macroalgae Plant
Halymenia durvillei

Red Dragon Macroalgae Plant, Halymenia durvillei

Small Reg. price $29.99 On Sale $19.99
Medium Reg. price $39.99 On Sale $29.99
Large Reg. price $69.99 On Sale $49.99

Great for Smaller Tanks
Spotted Porcelain Crabs
Petrolisthes galathinus

Spotted Porcelain Crabs
Approx. Size: 1" to 1-1/2"

Regular price $19.99 On Sale $11.99

Great for Smaller Tanks
Pom Pom Crab
Lybia tessellata

Pom Pom Crab, Lybia tessellata
Approx. Size: 1/2" to 1"

Regular price $27.99 On Sale $17.99

Incredible Price - Smart To Have
Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Lysmata amboinensis

Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Medium Approx. Size: 1-1/4" to 2"

Regular price $34.99 On Sale $16.99

Reef-safe Algae Eater
Green Emerald Crab
Mithrax Sculptus

Reef-safe Algae Eater, Green Emerald Crab
Approx. Size: 1"

Regular price $9.99 On Sale $5.99

Tiger Sand Conch
Strombus sp.

Tiger Sand Conch, Aquacultured
Approx. Size: 1" to 2"
Totally peaceful toward other tank mate's
Great for Cleaning Sand, even Red Slime algae)

Regular price $12.99 On Sale $7.99

Low Holiday prices on marine life like you wll never see anywhere else. We sharpened our pencil to give you the lowest prices of the year on saltwater aquarium fish, a huge selection of live corals, and marine invertebrates including some rare one's not often found! Beyond the fact of our enormous variety, as of 2019, there are no other marine life distributors that have their facilities designed for the long term holding of saltwater fish, live coral and invertebrates as Aquarium Creations has. The long term holding facilities is where all incoming saltwater aquarium fish, live coral, and marine invertebrates go after acclimation and are held there for a period of time from 15 days to 30 days, releasing to our ship out facilities only when confident of the health and quality of the specimens. In our long term systems, the animal's stress level remains low and feeding response well above what short term shippers see and provide. The benefits are many. Any problems are discovered while the marine life is at our holding facility not after delivery to our customers. All marine life is shipped stronger, more stress-free, eating better, with good stomachs and in better condition then "ocean fresh" fish could ever be shipped. We hope you too will order now and see the large difference.

Copyright 2020 Aquarium Creations Online. While we do our best to make an accurate representation of marine life on our website there is no guarantee that the actual marine life delivered will match the colors seen on your computer. Often the color reproduction on a computer screen or mobile device may not produce the correct colors.