Reef Aquarium Beginners Corals:Beginner LPS Coral Package
  Buy Aquarium Creations Online Beginner LPS Coral Package
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Reef Aquarium Beginners Corals:Beginner LPS Coral Package

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3 Pack Medium Size - $379.00 | 5 Pack Medium Size - $499.00 | 8 Pack Medium Size - $739.00

The Reef Aquarium Beginner LPS Coral Package ships as 3, 5, 7 or 10 medium size quality LPS corals chosen by us for their hardiness and popularity. LPS Corals encompass a broad and interesting range of species. Some of the most popular corals in the saltwater aquarium hobby include LPS corals; which is simply an acronym for large polyp stony corals. Some popular LPS corals include Australian Acanthastrea, Australian Duncanopsammia, Australian Elegance, Australian Frogspawn, Australian Scolymia, Australian Torch, Blastomussa, Brain Corals, Bubble Corals, Candy Cane, Chalice Corals, Doughnut Corals, Favia Corals, Flower Pot Coral, Plate Corals, Slipper / Tongue Corals, Trumpet Corals, Tubastrea Corals.

Approximate Inflated Size: Medium size, 3" to 5"

Lighting and Water Flow Requirements: LPS corals require a moderate light level. T5's, Metal Halides, or LED's can all grow LPS corals when the proper PAR levels are provided. Actually all of the above can be to bright for first placing your LPS corals in. We recommend with LPS to start your corals at the bottom of the tank and slowly, say every 7 to 10 days, bring the corals up a little until the desired placement is achieved. In this manner you will not harm your new corals by saturating them with too much light. For water flow requirements, you want enough water flow to keep algae and other contaminents off of your coral. This will require at least a medium amount of water flow.

Diet and Feeding All of the corals included are photosynthetic and do not require daily supplemental feedings. Another words, all these corals contain zooxanthellae inside their body, so they are able to get most of their required nutrients just through light. This is why it is important to have at least moderate levels of lighting in your tank. LPS Corals also filter nutrients from the water and collect microplankton and zooplankton through their polyps. Even though their own feeding processes provide most of their necessities, still they benefit from the occasional spot feeding. You can feed small pieces of meaty marine foods such as brine shrimp, Cyclopeze, or one of the many liquid foods designed for filter feeding invertebrates and corals. Additional supplements of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements is also important for continued good health.

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