Reef Aquarium Corals: Zoanthid Coral Package
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Zoanthid & Palythoa Coral Package

Picture of Zoanthid & Palythoa Coral Package
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Choice of a 4 Pack, 6 pack, or 8 Pack - All corals 1" to 2" in size.
4 Pack $94.00 6 Pack $139.00 8 Pack $199.00

Zoanthid polyps and Palythoa polyps (Zoa's Big Brother) are colonial corals, and are great corals for the beginner aquarist. Most Zoa's and Palythoa's are extremely hardy and require only moderate lighting, but will adjust to reef aquariums that have stronger lighting. Both Zoanthids and Palythoa's will reproduce in the reef aquarium fairly easily. Regularly you will see new polyps called buds, which will increase the size of the colony. Since both Zoanthids and Palythoa's get their food from light, this means they require minimal feeding. Light provides the corals an internal form of the symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae which provides almost all of their nutritional requirements. If the lighting is not optimal, we highly recommend they should be fed some sort of meaty particle food. We recommend either one of the many available micro-plankton's, mysis shrimp, or baby brine shrimp. Zoanthids and Palythoa's are corals which have been given unigue names by aquarist's. Names such as Keds Reds, Lunar Eclipse, Lemon Limes, Purple Death, Fruit Loops, and Tubbs Blue are just a few of the hundreds of Zoa's and Paly's out there. Although they are excellent choices for the beginner reef, they are just as popular choices for the more experienced reef aquarist wanting to collect these beauties as well.

Lighting and Water Flow Requirements: All of the corals within the Nano Polyping Coral Pack will thrive under multiple standard fluorescent lights, power compacts, T5 Lighting or LED Lighting. Again if lighting of the lower end of the scale is used, make sure you supplement with feedings. For water movement the Nano Polyping Coral Pack prefers moderate water flow within the aquarium. This is best accomplished with a single or multiple powerheads dependent on tank size, with or without a wavemaker.

Diet and Feeding All of the corals included are photosynthetic and do not require daily supplemental feedings. Another words, all these corals contain zooxanthellae inside their body, so they are able to get most of their required nutrients just through your tank lighting. This is why it is important to have at least moderate levels of lighting in your tank. Soft Corals and LPS Corals also filter nutrients from the water and collect microplankton and zooplankton through their polyps. Even though their own processes provide most of their necessities, still they benefit from the occasional spot feeding. You can feed small pieces of meaty marine foods such as brine shrimp, Cyclopeze, or one of the many liquid foods designed for filter feeding invertebrates and corals. Additional supplements of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements is also important for continued good health.

Pack information: It is common you will receive a rock that has room for more polyp growth. As your corals grow the polyps will spread across its rock and any surrounding rocks. Each Coral Polyp Pack consists of a mix of different nice polyp rocks. The coral polyps we include can be a combination of Zoanthids, Palythoa's, and star polyping corals. Depending on availability, we provide a good mix of both colors and species. When ordering multiple packs we will give you a diverse assortment of colors for your reef aquarium.

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