Reef Tank Algae Cleaners:Saltwater Aquarium Algae Clean and Control
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Popular Reef Cleaner Package

The Popular Reef Cleaner Package was specifically chosen because they all are hardy, easy-to-care-for invertebrates. All very effective in minimizing your reef aquarium's nutrient level. Best for a mature reef aquarium. Our package controls and eliminates. Excellent at consuming algae, bacteria, detritus, organics, and aerating the sand. Thoughtfully tailored by aquarium size to not over populate. Note: You should not need to feed your tank cleaners unless you have very little algae in the tank. If food is scarce simply supplement by feeding pellet food, dried nori algae, or small pieces of fresh seafood.

Tank Cleaners Included:

Cerith Snails(Cerithium sp): Extremely helpful, the Cerith Snail consumes detritus, uneaten food, decaying organic matter, fish waste, and algae. By the elimination of the foods that feed the Nitrogen cycle, your aquariums Nitrates will stay lower. The Cerrith Snail simply by burrowing in the sand or substrate also helps maintain oxygen levels.

Super Tongan Nassarius Snails(Nassarius distortus): Highly desirable because they have a voracious appetite. The Nassarius Snail searches through the aquarium sand and climbs rockwork scavenging left over fish food, decaying matter and other meaty bits. They require a sandbed as this is where they spend their time hiding waiting for food to become available. When they smell something to eat, they'll emerge out of the sand consuming whatever they find to eate. They are also quite fascinating, watching them is fun.

Trochus Snail(Trochus niloticus ):Hardy and long-lived the Trochus snail is a superb algae grazer. They will control green film algae, cyanobacteria and diatoms, it would be hard to find a better choice than the Trochus Snail. Excellent algae-eaters, they love to devour common-but-undesirable aquarium nuisance algae. They will also feed on leftover fish foods. They are adept at grazing on algae films produced by diatoms and/or green algae that may blanket the tank rockwork and tank surfaces. They additionally love to consume (unlike many other snails) cyanobacteria. Finally the Trochus snail is only one of a few snails that are not helpless if they fall over. The Trochus snail comes almost out of its shell to right itself up if they fall over.

Red Tip Hermit Crab(Clibanarius sp.): - Voracious scavengers. They are an omnivore, they will sift through the sand and live rock for algae, detritus, uneaten food and decaying organics. The Red Tip Hermits feeding methods also help aerate the sand bed and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Picture of a Trochus Snail Picture of Super Tongan Nassarius Snail Picture of a Cerith Snail Picture of Red Tip Hermit Crab Picture of Blue Leg Hermit Crab
Package Contents 30 Gallon
55 Gallon
75 Gallon
100 Gallon
125 Gallon
150 Gallon
200 Gallon
300 Gallon
Dwarf Blue Leg Hermit Crabs 10 15 19 24 29 34 45 65
Red Tip Hermit Crabs 10 15 19 24 29 34 45 65
Trochus Snails 10 15 19 24 29 34 45 65
Cerith Snails 10 15 19 24 29 34 45 65
Tongan Nassarius Snails 5 10 14 19 24 29 40 60

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