Marine Plants: Aquacultured Red Dragon's Tongue Macro Algae Plant
  Aquacultured Red Dragon's Tongue Macro Algae Plant
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Aquacultured Red Dragon's Tongue, Macro Algae Plant

Picture of Aquacultured Red Dragon's Tongue, Macro Algae Plant

Description: Unlike many other forms of macro algae, our Aquacultured Live Dragon's Tongue Macro Algae Plants look amazing under the lights when rooted in the aquarium substrate. Our Live Dragon's Tongue Macro Algae Plant has become quite popular for both display in the reef aquarium or placed in a refugium as a useful chemical filtration tool. Some call it an algae-scrubbing filter, others call it a refugium, but what ever its called Dragon's Tongue Macro Algae Plants are excellent at feeding off of the excess ammonia, nitrates, and phosphates from the aquarium water. In addition, they remove heavy metals and neutralize toxins.

Moderate to high lighting should be provided, along with plenty of indirect water flow. The addition of trace elements via water changes and iron supplementation should be provided for good long term health. Overall this is an excellent plant species for all levels of marine aquarium hobbyists and for both FOWLR and reef aquarium environments.

Difficulty to Grow:Easy

Reef Safe:Yes

Lighting Requirements:Provide 100 to 150 watts of 5100K to 6700K floodlight lighting or equivalent fluorescent lighting to thrive. It is important to promote a good growth rate, as the harvested plants are what removes the nutrients from the aquarium ecosystem. Faster plant growth will allow for more frequent harvesting, which will in turn increase the filtration benefit of the Saltwater Plants.

Waterflow:While our Assorted Red Algae Plants, are easy to grow in most conditions, it will be much more efficient at nutrient export if provided ideal conditions. Ideally it should be grown in moderate water currents provided with strong light.

Water Parameters:72-82° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.026

Supplements: Magnesium, Trace Elements, Iron

Care Info.. Float the unopened saltwater plant bag in the aquarium for 30 minutes to 1 hour to allow the temperatures to equalize. Then place in your tank, sump, or refugium. Trim back your plants periodically to directly remove the absorbed toxins from your water.

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