Saltwater Reef Aquarium Shrimp: Saron Shrimp, Saron marmoratus
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Saron Shrimp
Saron marmoratus

Picture of Saron Shrimp, Saron marmoratus

Approximate Size: 3/4" to 1-1/4"

Description The Saron Shrimp, also called Monkey Shrimp, Marble Shrimp or Buffalo Shrimp are an easily cared for species that is perfect for beginner to advanced reef aquariums. During daylight hours the Saron Shrimp is a green color with many green spots. The green spots will have variable amounts of white speckling. The Saron Shrimp is nocturnal, and at night, the color of its body turns primarily red, which helps it blend into the shadows of the twilight. The legs have darker brown bands on a brown background with alternating white speckled bands and their first pair of walking legs are elongated. Tufts of cirri (feathery appendages) are found decorating the back of the males only.

When introduced into the marine aquarium, the Saron Shrimp will need a dark place in which to hide and hangout until dusk. Initially the Saron Shrimp will come out only at night, but after acclimating, it will start to wander about during the daylight. The Saron Shrimp is usually found in the coral rubble at the base of the reef or in low lying crevices within the rock. As with most all invertebrate species it is intolerant of copper or high nitrates, and will require a correct level of iodine in the water for proper molting.

Saron Shrimp thrive in environments with sand, rock caves, and areas of lower light. They will hang out in the lower portion of the tank, near rocks or ledges to keep out of the direct light.

Diet and Feeding Feeding the Saron Shrimp should not be a problem since they should scavenge the tank for any uneaten food and detritus. They will accept any meaty freeze dried or frozen foods and bottom feeder tablets, as well as scavenge for algae in the aquarium. One warning, all pistol shrimp are intolerant of copper medications and high aquarium nitrate levels.

Level of Care Easy

Reef Compatibility Excellent

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