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Customer Reviews of Aquarium Creations

This page gives insight, experience and reviews from customers and a broad view of who looks to Aquarium Creations for available marine life. Aquarium Creations Online has been shipping quality marine life for over 25 years. Besides shipping marine aquarium residents to home aquarist's throughout the United States they also ship to professional pharmacology biologists and scientists across America. Some unexpected marine life customers that purchase from Aquarium Creation includes the scientists of NASA for marine specimen observation on the International Space Station, Florida's Motes Aquarium, Tennessee Aquarium, Arkansas' National Park Aquarium, The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, The National Aquarium in Baltimore, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Atlantis in the Bahama's, Marine World in New York, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio, along with other satisfied customers who continually have Aquarium Creations help with their marine life needs. This page contains some reviews on shipments of marine life received by customers. We take our shipping just as seriously as our marine life health. Following explicit packaging procedures that deliver marine life in great shape.

I received my Australian Namoli Barrier Reef live rock order this week and put it in the tank. All that I can say is AMAZING. I have a few friends that were getting live rock at the same time that I was looking. I let them get theirs first, then I selected to call you. I am so glad that I did the Namoli Live Rock was better than anything that I have seen online or in a store (I traveled over 200 miles looking at more than 25 stores). Although all live rock (I think) is very expensive, the rok I purchased from you was well worth it. Keep up the good work.Since I've read that you take as much care with your fish as you do your rock, I will be placing my clean up crew next and then I can't wait to start purchasing saltwater fish from you.

Proffessor Michael Messer
Dept of Science and Engineering
Cornell University

I received my 50 pound shipment of Caribbean Reef Rock about an hour ago. What fantastic pieces you sent and of great size too! I have not seen rock this nice
in my local shops, even for double the price per pound. I look forward to ordering more fom you very soon.

Jack Kiawah

I am still amazed living here in California, that I receive better fish from you in Florida then I can find here in L.A. This is my 3rd order, the Queen Angel just beautiful and a great size and the Purple Tang is perfect. I am hoping this goes up as a review or something because I am so pleased with the care and quality of now 3 shipments I would love to help you guys out.

Wood Oakley

Very happy with the shipment I received from you this week. I appreciate the quality of the marine fish and corals you sent. I usually expect a few DOA's in an order but my first order with you guys and not a single DOA in the whole box. Very well done. I started showing my daughter from this shipment, she is getting curious and thanks for the very clear acclimation instructions. She read them and started showing ME what I am doing not correct. Oops! Now she and I can't wait to place my next order with you. Very nice job. I can't say it enough. Very nice.

Thank you,
Cathy Teevan

I just got my order in today, I took the fish straight home and got them in the tank quick. Every one of them is alive, happy, and great looking. I was amazed at the quality of the animals you sent me. Oh yeah, and thanks for the extra blue hermits.

Nelson Salling

Wanted to let you know my order came in today and everything was perfect! The clam you sent me is better than expected for the cheap price. My buddy chipped in with me and bought a clean up crew and 10 extra emerald crabs along with my order because he has an algae issue in his tank and he was really impressed with them. I know your busy but thank you for a great web site. My friend and I will be buying again real soon. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes,
Eric Johanson and Trou Ray

Tell the dude that picked my rock that the rock I received is great!!! I hadn't called him to tell him that. Looking forward to start adding fish and stuff.

Deb Crary

I received my order of live Fiji rock today and was delighted in the quality and color of the rocks. It made my tank look like a new place. I was so pleased that I just placed another order with you for a fish and an anemone. Just wanted to say thanks.

Janie Slack

I purchased two of your bullet gobies and am so pleased and amazed at how well they have cleaned up the long hair algae in my tank.

Thanks again,
Barry B.

Please tell Tom I said thanks for the beautiful pieces of rock that he hand picked!

Alex Austin

I received my first order from Aquarium Creations Online last Saturday. I have been in this hobby since 1968 and have purchased both locally and via mail over that time. I want to compliment you on the packaging of the clean up crew. It was a pleasure and relief to see so many bags without tons of critters in each. The splitting not only made it easier to acclimate, but it was also in the interest of the live goods inside of the bags. Everything was in excellent health and condition, and has been doing its job. I will be placing most, if not all, of my future live goods orders through Aquarium Creations Online.

Thanks again,
Frank Ciller

Just wanted to let you know that my fish arrived and they are truly magnificent!!! I ordered the majestic, asfur,flame wrasse, and flame hawk. All arrived in good condition.

Sandy Berke

Last week I ordered 25lbs of your Ultra Premium Fiji Live Rock and 40lbs of the live sand. On Tuesday of this week I received the packages and the rock looked great. I was so impressed I ordered another 25lbs of your Ultra Premium Fiji Live Rock. Again, it was awesome looking. I have the rock and sand in a 36 gallon bow front. I’ve had a saltwater fish only tank for 3 yrs and I don’t know a lot about live rock/reef systems yet but I do know that the live rock I ordered from you guys looks much better than my friends tanks who bought their rock locally. Thank you very much for your help and for providing me with such high quality live rock.

James Wensil

The live rock packages arrived today and were still nice and cool, and smelled sweet as a rose! The rock selection was really nice and I want to thank you all for your effort and performance - the results are GREAT! Please pass the word to the proper folks.

Gene Louthan

We just wanted to thank you for a great shipment. It arrived in great condition. It's nice to have reached an honest retailer. We appreciate the good business and plan to order again shortly.

Thanks again,
Jen & Dave

Our current order arrived Thursday and everything is looking great and healthy as usual. You guys have become our favorite suppliers because of the quality of your livestock and the extremely small number of problems we've encountered with a mail order company!! We are placing another coral order today.

Thanks again,
Melanie Gibs

Thanks to you guys and your wonderful fish, we are filling our 250 gallon tank with wonderful specimens. If you ever need a testimonial I'm your gal!!!!

Carol Hoffmeister

Hi, my name is Matthew and I just received my shipment of the Xenia package, blue/gree mushrooms, and the pink/orange Ricordea. Everything arrived in great shape. The animals are very nice and I am looking forward to doing more business with your company. I am to receive slome live rock tommorrow, and I can't wait! It is very hard in my area to get good live rock. I also have a small business of maintaining and setting up custom aquarium. I intend to recommend to all my customers your web site. Again, I would like to thank you for the order and I hope to be doing much more business with you in the future.

Mathew Brooder

 I just wanted to drop a note that the fish I ordered last week are doing great! They arrived late in the afternoon on Friday and bounced back very quickly!
Thank you for your customer support.

Kim williams

I called your company last Saturday about buying some live rock. I spoke to David and he explained to me everything I needed to know about live rock, (since this was my first time using live rock). Not only was he very helpful and answered all my questions one by one, he was also very HONEST. My rock arrived on Thursday ( 100 lbs of Namoli ), and let me tell you it's the most awesome live rock I have ever seen ANYWHERE! Jeff hand picked it himself , just like he said he would, and the packaging was great, no broken pieces. You guys have really made my day and I will definitely buy from Aquarium Creations Online again.

Steven Amalfitano

A marine aquarist can't ask for more than what Aquarium Creations Online offers. Really outstanding selection, great prices, and second-to-none customer service afterwards. For people reading this -- don't think twice -- your in good, honest hands. Again, thanks alot for everything, and please look for my next purchase soon.

Sal Mutone,
El Paso Tx
I just received my live Fiji rock from you and ai just wanted to write you a quick message to let you know just how impressed I am with the rock. My aquarium looks so beautiful with it. Thanky you so much. Now I just have to figure what I want for corals. I will definitely be given you that business as well.

Thanks Again,
Kevin Tedford

 I received my dragon eel today. He's VERY nice, and seems to be happy in his new home. Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I will definitely be using Aquatic Connection again in the future.

Rickhard Ruff

We got our test shipment of 50 pounds of Tonga Deepwater rock from Aquatic Connection yesterday. After ordering live rock from several on line companies, as a test for our 750 gallon reef tank, your 100% correct when you state on your website that Aquarium Creations Online has the nicest rock for sale. Your rock was by far was the best we received, so please ship us 350 pounds of Xlarge, and 150 pounds of Show size. This tank will be seen by 100's of visitors weekly, and the quality of your rock will make a big difference in our display.

We thank you kindly,
Dr. Timothy Ramson, O.D.

Just wanted to let you know I received my gorgeous corals and anemone yesterday. Wow, what a beautiful, healthy bunch of guys! Everyone arrived safely and acclimated nicely. I'm very pleased with the animals. I will be doing business with you again very soon.

Joanne Ravo

Received my shipment of fish and plants last night. This morning the fish look great-nice coloring and active. Plants are beautiful and the Tangs love them. Thanks again for the beautiful fish and plants. Know I will be ordering from you again.

Barb Neves

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