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Liquid Life CoralPlankton - 30mL


CoralPlankton (CP) provides an instant energy boost to improve the coral`s growth rates and tissue repair. As an invertebrate feed, CoralPlankton targets carnivorous corals such as SPS and larvae that require small food particles; with a particle size of 20-200 microns and a concentration greater than 3,000 per ml, the nutrient-enriched rotifiers in CoralPlankton are easily ingested by SPS and gravity fed corals. Not only does CoralPlankton consist of rotifiers, but also Pavlova algae especially suited to feed Tridacnid clams. CP has a cell count of 1 billion cells per ml, size of 6-10 microns, and a unique profile of fatty acids. Since CP is a moist food, it has a positive acceptance rate and neutral buoyancy to remain suspended in the water column. Available as 30ml size. CoralPlankton has a four month shelf life and should always be refrigerated.

In order to preserve the nutritional value of frozen food, this product must be shipped via Next Day delivery. A flat shipping rate of $24.99 applies for any quantity of frozen food items (free shipping promotion does not apply). This charge covers the shipping, ice pack(s), and styrofoam box.