Packing and Shipping Aquarium Live Rock:  
  Saltwater Fish

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Live Rock Shipping makes sure all our live rock is delivered in the same condition we shipped it out. We do this by making sure all rock shipments are packaged with plenty of cushioning between pieces and saturated with saltwater prior to tightly sealing the water tight containers. The freight will cost us more, (because of the water and packaging weight), but the liverock will ship in great condition. Yes, we may pay a little more for the shipping cost, but isn't it a small price to pay for receiving live rock in the best possible condition!

Several layers of newsprint are placed
in the bottom of a styrofoam "lobster" box.

The styrofoam box is lined with
a large sheet of heavy plastic film.

Multiple layers of heavy plastic bags, placed
inside each other, are put inside plastic sheeting.

Live rock pieces are hand selected. The rock is
picked for size and shape. It has to look good to be chosen.

Live rock is carefully placed in the box, putting the large
pieces on the bottom. Plenty of cushioning between.

Enough Salt water is added to insure that the rock
will remain saturated during shipping to its new home.

Inner plastic bag is sealed closed.

The remaining bags are sealed and closed.

The ends of the clear plastic sheeting are then
overlapped over the sealed bags and taped.

Crumpled newspapers and foam peanuts are
used to fill the voids and cushion the rock.

Crumpled newspapers and foam peanuts are
used to fill the voids and cushion the rock.

The styrofoam lid is sealed and
reinforced with high strength tape.

The sealed styrofoam box is placed in the
cardboard box which is closed and sealed.

Corners and edges are taped securely.

An envelope containing your invoice and our
return address is adhered to the top of the box.
Photos are representative of each species.