Saltwater Fish Compatability Chart|Marine Aquarium Fish Compatibility|Saltwater Aquarium Compatability Chart
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Marine Fish Compatibility Chart

It is important for the health of your fish and the success of your saltwater aquarium or reef tank to ensure that there is a compatibility between your saltwater fish. Mixing marine fish species that are incompatible will lead to aggressive behaviour, stress in the aquarium, and potentially sick fish or worse. Our saltwater fish compatibility chart should be used as a basic guide as to compatible fish groups and which groups of fish should not be mixed together. Marine fish do vary in temperament and the fish you place in your tank may not always comply to the guidelines below. Therefore there is no guarantee to the marine fish compatibility provided and its always best after adding new fish to observe your aquarium for a period of weeks making sure no new aggressiveness or stress has been introduced to your aquarium.

Marine Fish Compatibility Chart

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