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Professional Quality ASM Protein Skimmers

  A protein skimmer stops waste from breaking down into toxic chemicals. It prevents many serious, common aquarium problems and keeps filters cleaner. Essential for saltwater tanks, especially with wet/dry filter systems. A protein skimmer is a fairly simple design with an important job. Its special designed chamber provides a column of controlled bubbles. The surface tension from these bubbles attracts organic waste and carries it through the column; then it's "skimmed" into a collection cup for removal.

ASM skimmers are one of the most efficient skimmers available at any price. Each ASM protein skimmer comes complete with 1 or more Sedra pumps, which utilize needle-wheel technology for the finest bubbles. Very comparable to the high dollar Euro-Reef skimmers, every unit is hand-made, they are easy to install, you simply place inside your sump, plug it in, and adjust the overflow rate. What more can we say, the ASM G Series are great skimmers. We use them ourselves! Click Here for a good explanation on why protein skimmers are so important

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