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Live Food For Difficult To Feed Saltwater Fish

Sometimes finicky saltwater fish refuse to eat. They only will eat live food. These often are expertly cared for fish, the more difficult fish that don't belong in an aquarium, they belong in the wild. For these difficult to feed species, live fish food is the only way to go. But all marine fish benefit from also having live foods. By purchasing a bottle of copepods for your saltwater aquarium you can begin to seed your aquarium with the microorganisms that will grow to be fish food and also eat waste. In the same manner we recommend purchasing live phytoplankton, the perfect food for marine corals, inverts and microorganisms. /FONT>

What Is Missing From Your Reef Tank?
AlgaGen has selected different types of copepods that have been used in aquaculture that feeds a wide array of organisms in the reef tank. These pods aquacultured by Algagen work together to satisfy the feed requirements of your tank. How? Of the many copepods that exist, the two groups/families that are best benefit in the hobby are the bottom dwelling and water column dwelling. There has never been a water column dwelling copepod that could survive being kept in a bottle...until now! The water column dwelling (pelagic) copepod are THE live food for anthias and other pelagic feeders; including seahorses, SPS corals, and non-photosynthetic corals such as gorgonians. The bottom dwelling (benthic) copepods are excellent live food for wrasses, seahorses, mandarins. The pelagic pods eat phytoplankton and will do well on PhycoPure, whereas the benthic or bottom dwelling pods will eat phyto and do well on it but they eat many other items which will actually help keep your tank clean and nitrates lower. They will eat left over fish food, fish fecal matter, plant debris, etc. These two copepods represent what is typically found on reefs and what is missing from most hobbyist reef tanks. Together these pods will provide an important part in the feeding of numerous reef organisms. 

What are Copepods?
There are more than 75,000 species of copepods, which are morphologically diverse and occupy all aquatic habitats. There are copepod species in the deepest trenches and at the highest altitudes, some that are symbiotic and others that reside in sediments and in caves. The world’s oceans are numerically dominated by copepods.

Why Use Copepods?
Copepods are nature’s ideal prey – being numerically, the greatest form of life in the oceans and serving as food for most of the ocean’s life during all or a portion of their life cycles. As such nutritional quality and behavioral qualities of copepods are vastly superior to traditional live feeds, such as rotifers and brine shrimp, used by aquarists or aquaculturists. Copepods are useful live prey when rotifers and brine shrimp fail to support health and growth of fish and invertebrates.

AlgaGen ReefPods™ Tangerine
ReefPods™ Tangerine
ReefPods™ Tangerine, "the big ones" – are packed with nutritious lipid reserves and pigments that will enhance health and color of small to medium reef fish and seahorses.

ReefPods™ Tangerine is a live culture of a large unidentified calanoid copepod, most likely in the Family Temoridae. Tangerine adult copepods live in the water column and will eat small suspended detritus particles and microalgae in the aquarium. They produce a large nauplii which is an excellent food for aquarium filter feeders and fish larvae. The adults are eaten by numerous water-column feeding fish such as clowns, dwarf angels, anthias and seahorses, to name just a few.

ReefPods™ Tangerine may be used as a starter culture to establish populations in marine aquarium refugiums or the main tank when PhycoPure™ CopePod Blend is added as directed. Although not as easily established as Tisbe, once established they will reproduce quickly, growing from nauplii to reproductive adults in about 15 days. They are sub-tropical and will thrive in normal aquarium temperatures and a wide range of salinities.

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ReefPods™ Tangerine 8 ounce $14.99 Currently Unavailable
ReefPods™ Tangerine 16 ounce $24.99 Currently Unavailable

 AlgaGen ReefPods™ Tisbe
ReefPods™ Tisbe
ReefPods™ Tisbe the most popular aquarium Pod -they consumes your aquarium’s wastes and detritus, reproduce well, and are food for a multitude of reef inhabitants!

ReefPods™ Tisbe is a live culture of the harpacticoid copepod Tisbe biminiensis. Tisbe adult copepods live on bottom substrate such as live rock or sand and will eat detritus and microalage in the aquarium. They produce a small nauplii which is an excellent food for aquarium filter feeders and fish larvae. The adults are eaten by small bottom feeding fish such as gobies, dragonettes and blennies.

Tisbe is an excellent all purpose aquarium copepod owing to its role in the natural environment as a detritivore. An opportunist feeder, Tisbe can be used as a tank cleaner consuming uneaten food and wastes as well as phytoplankton in the tank and refugium. Tisbe is capable of producing many eggs during its adult life span that hatch into nauplii which will enter the water column as food for your filter feeding reef inhabitants and replenish the adult population vital to tank hygiene. Tisbe adults and juveniles may also enter the water column and be tasty and nutritious treats for your reef fish! ReefPods are guaranteed to arrive alive but there is no further guarantee after arrival.

Approximate copepod count: 8 oz bottles contain 100 to 200 pods and 16 oz bottles contain 200 to 300 pods.

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ReefPods™ Tisbe 8 ounce $15.25 Buy in Bulk, Save!
ReefPods™ Tisbe 16 ounce $28.90
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 AlgaGen ReefPods™ Acartia
ReefPods™ Acartia
ReefPods™ Acartia, an elegant pod, are an excellent all purpose food: Great for seahorses, corals and other sessile invertebrates, and many larval fish.

ReefPods™ Acartia is a live culture of the calanoid copepod Acartia tonsa. Acartia live and feed in the water column and will eat suspended detritus and microalage. They produce a small nauplii which is an excellent food for aquarium filter feeders and fish larvae. The adults are eaten by numerous plankton feeding fish.

ReefPods™ Acartia may be used as a starter culture to establish populations in marine aquarium refugiums or the main tank when PhycoPure™ CopePod Blend™ is added as directed. Once established they will reproduce quickly, growing from nauplii to adults in about 12 days. They will thrive in normal aquarium temperatures and a wide range of salinities. It is suggested they be added to the aquarium at night to avoid immediate fish predation.

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ReefPods™ Acartia 8 ounce $23.75
ReefPods™ Acartia 16 ounce $44.50
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 AlgaGen Decapsulated Brine
Decapsulated Brine
AlgaGen has simplified the process of feeding brine shrimp to your small fish by performing the decapsulation process for you. The decapsulation process involves removing the indigestible outer shell of the brine shrimp cysts so you can feed either the hatched artemia or the unhatched egg without worrying about the health of your fish. To hatch simply rinse on a screen and add to your hatcher, aerate so the eggs are not settled on the bottom and target normal or slightly higher salinity. Hatching should occur within 24 hrs after which you can drain and rinse or enrich the newly hatched artemia. This product can also be used as a coral food when added directly to the tank and the eggs that are not captured by coral polyps will hatch out and become fish food.
Note: This is a special order product that will require a few extra days to ship.

Decapsulated Brine 4 ounce $14.99
Decapsulated Brine 8 ounce $23.99
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AlgaGen Rotifers
AlgaGen Rotifers

AlgaGen has been providing rotifers to numerous hatcheries for years now. Our cultures are some of the cleanest on the market.

As a live food, rotifers are the right size (105+060 micrometers in width) for many species of fish larvae that are cultured commonly, such as clown fish, gobies, Mediterranean seabasses and snappers, red drum, pompano, and cobia, just to name a few. For rotifers to be nutritionally suitable for fish larvae, they must be “enriched” or “gut loaded” with various combinations of microalgae or commercially prepared products. Once enriched, rotifers are an excellent hatchery food for many species of larval fish.

Note: This is a special order product that will require a few extra days to ship.

Rotifers 8 ounce $14.80 Buy in Bulk SAVE!
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PhycoPure Reef Blend Phytoplankton
AlgaGen PhycoPure Reef Blend
PhycoPure™ Reefblend is made of 7 different types of LIVE microalgae as well as a dinoflagellate, zooxanthellae. Reefblend was therefore created as a LIVE food supplement for filter feeding marine aquarium inhabitants including the feeding of existing copepod populations in the tank. It is grown in natural seawater that has been ozonated, charcoal filtered and uv treated. PhycoPure™ Reef Blend offers a wide range of particle sizes and nutritional content that, individually, have been proven very effective in various aquaculture farms, and projects. Just like humans, animals require some level of variety in a food source. It is understandable that no single food provides 100% of the necessary nutrition required for good health. Hence the blend of phytoplankton in PhycoPure™ Reef Blend

Aquarists have reported great results feeding PhycoPure Reef Blend to Acropora (better polyp extension), all Euphyllia corals (Torch, Elegance, Frogspawn, Hammer), Gorgonians, Chili corals, Nephthea's, Carnation corals, Feather dusters, Tubeworms, Sponges, Mushroom corals, Leather corals, all types of Brain corals, Montipora's, Montastrea and Tubastrea species, and Certain anemones.
PhycoPure Reef Blend is guaranteed to arrive alive but no guarantee beyond that is provided.

Pycopure Reef Blend 8 ounce $16.75 Buy in Bulk SAVE!
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PhycoPure Copepod Blend

PhycoPure Copepod Blend
You can raise your own phytoplankton cultures!
AlgaGen PhycoPure Copepod Blend is the perfect approach. Simply add 1-2 caps per gallon per day or to the tank or refugium.
PhycoPure CopePod Blend is a blend of LIVE microalgae specifically assembled for use as a primary feed for calanoid and harpacticoid COPEPODS. True pelagic(calanoids) and numerous benthic species (harpacticoids) will only eat live microalgae. Live microalgae is essential to produce and maintain copepod populations.

If you are culturing copepods in a separate jar or tank, feed 2-6 tsp (10-30ml) per gallon per day. Copepods will consume these microalgae quickly and will turn the water clear. Over or under feeding can affect the growth of the copepods so strive to maintain a very light tint to the water by feeding smaller doses more often. Keep refrigerated.

PhycoPure(TM) CopePOD Blend copepods do not eat all types of phytoplankton. In fact, there are specific types of phyto that are best for POD growth. The two that we use in-house to produce our PODS have been bottled fresh, so that you will have the best results possible. This blend of Phyto is also GREAT for clams!

Aquarists have reported great results when fed to clams, species specific corals (gorgonians, brain corals, mushroom corals, leathers, montipora, carnations), feather dusters, tube worms, sponges and certain anemones. It can also be used to gut load rotifers and Artemia. PhycoPureTM CopePod BlendTM is cultured in purified natural Atlantic Ocean water and should be refrigerated. PhycoPure CopePod Blend has no preservatives, is not subjected to harsh processing steps and is batch processed to ensure quality.

PhycoPure CopePod Blend is nutritionally balanced to enhance animals health. PhycoPure CopePod Blend has no preservatives. PhycoPure CopePod Blend contains 2 strains of algae including one diatom. PhycoPure CopePod Blend is a great enrichment to gut load rotifers and Artemia. (Contains: Chaetoceros, T- Isochrysus)
PhycoPure Blends are guaranteed to arrive alive but are exempt from our extended guarantee after their arrival.

PhycoPure(TM) Copepod Blend 8 ounce $16.95 Buy in Bulk SAVE!
PhycoPure(TM) Copepod Blend 16 ounce $29.95

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PhycoPure Zooxanthellae

Algagen Phycopure Zooxanthellae

Really Want to know what causes coral bleaching?
Zooxanthellae are symbiotic organisms that produce a corals color. When corals are stressed the coral often times expel zooxanthellae. Feeding your corals Zooxanthellae helps releive the stress that caused bleaching. Buy live zooxanthellae and restore your bleached corals.

PhycoPureTM Zooxanthellae is a blend of LIVE zooxanthellae for use as an aid for marine reef aquarium corals, clams, jellyfish and other organisms that depend on Zooxanthellae. Aquarists have reported great results including coral recovery from stress events to polyp extension and enhanced overall coloration.

Zooxanthellae are the symbiotic microalgae that live in the tissue of numerous corals, clams and some jellyfish. The host organisms provide a place for the zooxanthellae to reside and their waste provides the compounds necessary for zooxanthellae photosynthesis. In return, Zooxanthellae produce oxygen and provide the organism with carbohydrates necessary for growth and survival.

The pigments in the Zooxanthellae also provide color. When there is stress in the host organism, they will expel their Zooxanthellae. In corals in particular, this is commonly known as bleaching. When this occurs in natural conditions, the coral can recapture Zooxanthellae as it is ever present in a natural marine environment. It cannot occur in artificial seawater and previously has been very difficult to reintroduce to the captive marine environment. If the organism cannot recapture the Zooxanthellae, there is a good chance that it will literally starve to death. Until now!

AlgaGen is the only company that produces LIVE Zooxanthellae for the hobbyist. Their Zooxanthellae is a combination of several clades (families) of the live organism. PhycoPure TM Zooxanthellae is aquacultured in purified natural Atlantic Ocean water, guaranteed pathogen free and free of excess nutrients.

PhycoPure Zooxanthellae 4 ounce $15.95
PhycoPure Zooxanthellae 8 ounce $26.95

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AlgaGen Pods Euterpina

Algagen Euterpina Copepods

What Is Euterpina Copepods?
Algagen Euterpina Copepods are easy to use, Fast and Convenient, reef food for Fish and Corals.

Algagen Euterpina is easy to use, fast, convenient, food for the reef. Grows in substantial numbers, ubiquitous. It has been used successfully in breeding efforts. Great for reef tanks.

AlgaGenPods Euterpina contains live Euterpina acutifrons in treated natural ocean water. Add 1 capful AlgaGenPods Euterpina per 10 gallons directly to your main aquarium, sump, or refugium. For best results, acclimate and grow Euterpina in a separate culture vessel and harvest as needed to feed the main aquarium.

Great food for Mandarins & Dragonettes, Pipefish, Seahorses, and SPS corals. Copepods can also be grown outside of the aquarium system in a culture vessel and then harvested to feed the aquarium. Pod culture can be tricky, some are easier than others, but with some simple equipment and a little dedication pod cultures are achievable. Copepods are best maintained at 78 degrees and at S.G. 1.020 with low light and very low aeration. We strongly recommend acclimating your copepods into your culture vessel or tank.

Size: 0.5 - 0.7 mm, 8 oz bottle contains 100 to 200 pods and 16 oz bottle contains 200 to 300 pods. Pods are guaranteed to arrive alive but are exempt from our extended guarantee after their arrival.
AlgaGenPods Euterpina 8 ounce $29.50
AlgaGenPods Euterpina 16 ounce $59.50

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