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Saltwater Fish

Our saltwater fish are sold and shipped stronger, more stress-free, eating better, with good stomachs and in better condition then ocean-fresh saltwater aquarium fish. Our saltwater fish are sold with a 100% guarantee that they will arrive healthy and in perfect condition for your home saltwater aquarium. Aquarium Creations saltwater fish are only for sale after they are eating well. Furthermore all saltwater fish sold must pass our 14 point quality check up. Other online saltwater aquarium stores sell fish that have recently arrived. In comparison, Aquarium Creations Guarantee's our saltwater aquarium fish will have gone through weeks of quarantine and complete aquarium conditioning. We guarantee our marine life will arrive eating well, extremely healthy and looking perfect. That makes buying your saltwater fish from Aquarium Creationson Online your best choice.

Special Note: When you see "Aquarium Conditioned" on one of our featured saltwater fish, it means the marine life have gone through our Aquarium Conditioning Process which is from 26 days to 60 days long, depending on species. During this time the arriving ocean fresh marine fish first go through Quarantine, then go into our aquarium life systems. In our aquarium life systems they will get used to aquarium life and we work on getting them to eat well through a special process we use to change ocean fresh saltwater fish over to our aquarium conditioned fish. The process includes enough time to let us have confidence sending saltwater fish to you knowing they will do well in proper aquarium conditions and they will also eat well, which are the two most important factors if you expect a long life saltwater aquarium fish.

Acclimating Your New Saltwater Fish

Acclimating your new saltwater fish to your saltwater aquarium's water is a CRITICAL step and should not be taken lightly. By getting into the habit of using the proper acclimation techniques for your marine fish and inverts, you are giving your saltwater fish a much better chance of having a long life. The best acclimation method for new saltwater fish is called drip acclimation. It is best because many saltwater fish and many invertebrates are sensitive to changes in pH, specific gravity, and other water chemistry.

The drip acclimation method is best simply because it allows the new marine life water to change water chemistry very slowly over a long period of time until it matches the saltwater aquarium's water chemistry. The change occurs over a long period of time and in that manner neither the saltwater fish nor inverts will shock out from the change. Doing the drip method requires a bucket, a vegetable clip with a suction cup for holding the tube in the aquarium , a length of air pump tubing that is long enough to extend from your tank water all the way to the bucket you are using on the floor, and an air flow valve that is the correct size for the tubing.

Place one end of the tube through the veggie clip and then using the suction cup place the veggie clip into your tank so the tube is held under water. Get a siphon going and place the air valve into the bag in the bucket. Set the valve for a slow drip, drip, drip. Aim for a drip every one or two seconds. Acclimation time will be 2 to 4 hours depending on the species of marine life. If you purchase your fish from a reliable aquarium shop and trust their advice, follow their recommendations on the amount of time needed for acclimation. If you are purchasing from our website we have listed for every saltwater species the nescessary acclimation drip time.

Picture of Dwarf Angel
Angelfish Dwarf, Marine

Picture of a Large Angelfish
Angelfish Large, Marine

Picture of Angler fish & Frogfish
Angler Fish - Frog Fish

Picture of Anthias

Picture of Satwater Aquarium Batfish

Picture of Saltwater Basslet

Picture of Saltwater Blennies

Picture of Saltwater Butterfly Fish

Picture of Saltwater Cardinal Fish
Cardinal Fish

Picture of Aquarium Clownfish

Picture of Aquarium Damselfish
Damsels and Chromis

Picture of Saltwater Aquarium Dartfish

Picture of Dragonete Saltwater Fish

Picture of a Saltwater Pseudochromis Aquarium fish

Picture of Saltwater Aquarium Eel

Picture of marine aquarium Foxface
Foxface - Rabbitfish

Picture of Sandsifter Goby

Picture of Grouper Fish
Grouper Fish

Picture of Hogfish

Picture of Hawkfish

Picture of Jawfish

Picture of Lionfish

Picture of Saltwater Puffer Fish
Saltwater Puffer Fish

Picture of marine aquarium Sharks
Sharks and Rays

Picture of Seahorses and Pipefish
Sea Horses and Pipe Fish

Picture of Yellow Tang
Surgeonfish , Tangs

Picture of Trigger fish
Trigger Fish and File Fish

Picture of Reef Safe Wrasses
Wrasse - Reef Safe

Picture of Saltwater Aquarium Fish Only Wrasse
Wrasses - For Fish Only Tanks

Saltwater Aquarium Fish For Beginners
Beginner Saltwater Fish

Copyright 2020 Aquarium Creations Online. While Aquarium Creations does its best to make an accurate representation of all saltwater fish on our website, there is no guarantee that the actual fish delivered will match the colors seen on your computer. Often the color reproduction on a computer screen or mobile device may not accurately produce the correct colors.

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