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Saltwater Fish

When you see "Aquarium Conditioned" it means the saltwater fish we ship are guaranteed to have gone through our Conditioning Process which is from 15 days to 30 days long, depending on species. The process includes enough time to let us have confidence sending saltwater fish out knowing they will not be stressed in proper aquarium conditions and will feed on frozen aquarium foods well. During this time the arriving marine species first go through a Quarantine, then go into our aquarium life systems. In our life systems they are placed to put their..."fins up" for a few weeks while they de-stress getting accustomed to aquarium life. At first we feed a large amount of live foods slowly weaning by mixing healthy species specific frozen foods. Some species are easier to change over than others, but no saltwater fish is ever released unless they are eating well and have a good stomach.

We keep our marine aquariums full of a large variety of saltwater fish. All marine life we sell are 100% Guaranteed. It's always easier to "Get in, Get out fast" and that's what most marine life dealers will ship you. But Aquarium Creations 100% Guarantee's that the marine life we ship you have gone through our conditioning process, are healthy, and eating well prior to shipping. That's what makes buying your saltwater fish from IS the right choice!

Picture of Dwarf Angelfish
Angelfish Dwarf, Marine

Picture of a Large Angelfish/
Angelfish Large, Marine

Picture of Angler fish & Frogfish
Saltwater Angler Fish & Frog Fish

Picture of Anthias

Picture of Satwater Aquarium Batfish

Picture of Saltwater Basslet
Saltwater Basslet Fish

Picture of Saltwater Blennies

Picture of Saltwater Butterfly Fish
Saltwater Butterfly Fish

Picture of Saltwater Cardinal Fish
Saltwater Cardinal Fish

Picture of Aquarium Clownfish

Picture of Aquarium Damselfish
Damsels and Chromis

Picture of Saltwater Aquarium Dartfish

Picture of Dragonete Saltwater Fish

Picture of a Saltwater Pseudochromis Aquarium fish

Picture of Saltwater Aquarium Eel

Picture of marine aquarium Foxface
Foxface - Rabbitfish

Picture of Sandsifter Goby

Picture of Grouper Fish
Grouper Fish

Picture of Hogfish

Picture of Hawkfish

Picture of Jawfish

Picture of Lionfish

Picture of Saltwater Puffer Fish
Saltwater Puffer Fish

Picture of marine aquarium Sharks
Sharks and Rays

Picture of Seahorses and Pipefish
Sea Horses and Pipe Fish

Picture of Yellow Tang
Surgeonfish , Tangs

Picture of Trigger fish
Trigger Fish and File Fish

Picture of Reef Safe Wrasses
Wrasse - Reef Safe

Picture of Saltwater Aquarium Fish Only Wrasse
Wrasses - For Fish Only Tanks

Saltwater Aquarium Fish For Beginners
Beginner Saltwater Fish

Copyright 2018 Aquarium Creations Online. While Aquarium Creations does its best to make an accurate representation of marine life on our website there is no guarantee that the actual marine life delivered will match the colors seen on your computer. Often the color reproduction on a computer screen or mobil device may not be produce the correct colors.

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