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Saltwater Fish

Why Buy Saltwater Fish from Aquarium Creations?
Aquarium Creations is the only Saltwater Aquarium Shop that Refuses to ship out "Ocean Fresh" saltwater fish. Instead our shipped in marine fish are held, quarantined, and aquarium conditioned for no less than 25 days to 60 days,(depending on the species). It's always easier to ship out new "Ocean Fresh" saltwater fish as soon as available. "Get it in, Get it out" that's the industry moto and that's what all online marine fish dealers do. But Creations would rather be known for having better quality marine aquarium fish in stock. Yes it costs us more, but its worth it. All of our marine aquarium fish we ship are fed live, frozen, and dry foods daily. Whether tiny or large, reef tank or aquarium tank, all marine fish we ship have proper stomach's and not pinched in stomach's which is what normally we see when a fish is shipped when it hasn't been eating. Why? Because "ocean Fresh" fish don't know aquarium food. Our fish since they are conditioned for a good period of time learn to eat well. After 14 days new fish are taken out of quarantine and placed in appropriate holding tanks. Our fish become stress free, great coloration, and after the appropriate holding time ready to ship.

Marine Life Delivered To Your Door
When your saltwater fish arrive at your door first thing to do is proper fish acclimation. Acclimating fish that have been in a bag 12 hours or more is different then acclimating fish that have been brought home from your local fish store. Please follow our directions for Proper acclimation: Acclimation Essentials for all marine life

Dwarf Angelfish: Flame Angelfish and other Saltwater Dwarf Angelfish
Angelfish Dwarf, Marine

Angelfish for Sale: Saltwater Angelfish for the home aquarium
Angelfish Large, Marine

Marine Aquarium Angler fish & Frogfish
Angler Fish & Frog Fish

Anthias for Sale: Bartletts, Lyretail and other Anthais

Batfish Saltwater Marine Fish
Bat Fish

Basslets for Sale: Basslet fish including the Swalesi Basslet,  Royal Gramma Basslet and Blackcap Basslet

Blennies: Blenny  Species Includes the Midas Blenny, Algae Blenny and other Blennies

Marine Butterfly Fish
Butterfly Fish

Cardinal Marine Fish
Cardinal Fish

Clownfish for Sale Species for the Home Aquarium

Damselfish such as the Jewel Damsel, Electric Blue and Yellow Tail Damselfish and many more for the Home Aquarium
Damsels and Chromis

Dartfish Species in the Marine Aquarium

Dragonete Species are slow-moving Marine Aquarium Fish.

Pseudochromis for Sale: Orchid Dottyback, Springeri Dottyback and More Pseudochromis for Sale

Saltwater Aquarium Eels

Marine Foxface species , Rabbitfish species
Foxface - Rabbitfish

Sandsifter Gobies, Shrimp Gobies and Small Gobies

Marine Aquarium Groupers

Saltwater Hogfish
Hog Fish

Hawkfish Species
Hawk Fish

Saltwater Aquarium Jawfish Species
Jaw Fish

Lionfish for the Home Aquarium
Lion Fish

Saltwater Pufferfish

Marine Aquarium Sharks
Sharks and Rays

Aquarium Seahorses
Sea Horses and Pipe Fish

Tang Fish, Yellow Tangs and other Surgeon Fish
Surgeonfish , Tangs

Trigger Fish and File Fish

Wrasse Fish for Sale: Reef Safe Wrasses
Wrasse - Reef Safe

Wrasse for Fish Only Tanks
Wrasse - Fish Only Tanks

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