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Live Rock: Aquarium Live Rock

Aquarium Creations Online sells the most varieties of Aquarium Live Rock with pictures and descriptions for every choice. We provide all the information you need to know before purchasing. Need it right now? This Month Only! Free Shipping On ALL Live Rock purchases.

We now also sell at the lowest price Real Reef Rock, a popular brand of man made replacement very close to the look of real. Live Rock increases the surface area allowing more of the good biological marine organisms to form. A healthy biological full of beneficial marine organisms is what's needed to support many forms of marine fish and invertebrates. Furthermore Aquarium Live Rock helps keep your water chemistry in check for healthy fish and a crystal clear aquarium.

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Live Rock Information Guide
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How We Handpick/Pack Live Rock
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Fiji Premium Live Rock
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Caribbean Reef Live Rock
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Real Reef Rock
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Bali Alor Live Rock
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Tonga Kaelini Live Rock
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Premium Mix Nano Rock
Sump Rock
Sump Rock
Combination Live Rock
Combination Box of Live Rock
100% Natural Dry Live Rock
Natural Dry Live Rock

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All live rock is unique in shape and variations from pictures in both shape and color must be expected. Live rock shipped may need time for all the colors to return. This comes from the curing process. The better the aquariums chemistry, the quicker your rock will regain any lost colors.