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Corals are marine life made up of smaller and larger colonies of individual coral polyps. Together they make up the ocean's coral reefs, providing shelter and food for most of the worlds marine life. Corals actually protect marine life from danger by providing camouflage. The bright colors of corals provide hiding places for similar colored marine fish and invertebrates. Coral fall into different categories. The brightly colored SPS coral (Small Polyp Stony),LPS coral (Large Polyp Stony), Soft Corals like mushroom coral , leathers , Xenia , sefans and gorgonian corals

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Due to variations in live corals, please expect differences in size, shape and colors. While Aquarium Creations strives to display as accurately as possible the colors of the marine life shown, we cannot guarantee that the colors displayed exactly reproduce the colors of the product being offered. This may depend on the color reproduction on your computer screen or mobile device.
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