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Live Corals


Any coral that has been collected and shipped halfway across the globe, arrives understandably in need of some rejuvenation. Which is why at Aquarium Creations Online we do our best to downright pamper every coral during their stay. Whether your interest is Beginner corals such as Mushroom corals and Polyping corals, Soft corals like Leather corals, (LPS) Large Polyp Stony corals like the popular Acan Brain Corals or Advanced corals like (SPS) Short Polyp Stony corals like Acropora we will always steer you right. Providing all the coral requirements you need to know. Our newly received live coral treatment begins with an acclimation to equalize temperature between the corals that have just come in and the holding tank they are going in. Then they are transferred into clean saltwater with strong current to eliminate built up slime coat and loosen sand and any bacteria from the long journey. We use a special live coral dip to disinfect all our new corals. We inspect every coral to make sure there are no parasites or coral infections on the new coral pieces before they are allowed to enter our holding tanks. We place all the new live corals in whatever coral holding tank provides the best combination of correct lighting and water flow for that species. The lighting used over a reef aquarium is critical to the health of the corals in it but not all corals need the same type or amount of light. To much light can definitely harm many corals. For other corals to little lighting will make a beautiful colored piece look bad. Therefore after our new corals are given their cleansing bath all of the aquarium corals are placed in their appropriate lighting reef tank depending upon there needs. Whatever the coral type or lighting, the best part is fairly soon after we place them in their reef tank we start to see coral polyps awakening and extending their sleeping polyps. While they stay in the coral holding tanks they are receiving the conditions to help them thrive. Once in our tanks for a period of time assuring they are doing well, they become part of our outgoing available live corals.

Picking and Packaging Your Aquarium Corals
Live corals shipped out, are chosen with the most stringent quality controls followed. Our customers will never receive anything but a perfectly healthy beautiful coral from us, guaranteed! Corals we feel are not good enough for ship out are sold in our discount bins to walk in customers. Coral orders are picked and packaged one at a time, double and triple bagged. Before going into their shipping box all bags are tested to make sure they are sealed perfect. All bags labeled and with the utmost care we package your corals in our thermal containers which protect them from to cold or to hot a temperature. Appropriate Heat or Cold packs are then added along with all the styrofoam peanuts make sure there's no moving around while they are shipping and also act as extra thermal protection. Finally we ship our corals using Fedex Priority Overnight which is the first available delivery time of the day and for most areas means your corals will arrive in the morning at your door.

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Due to variations in live rock, please expect differences in size and shape. Newly shipped live rock will not contain much color. As long as your tank parameters are kept in good check coralline colors will become evident on the live rock over time but it doesn't happen overnight. Please be patient. If you wish immediate purple colored rock we suggest you purchase a artificial live rock we sell called "RealReef Rock". RealReef Rock comes with lifelike purple coloration applied to the surface of the rock. Finally from going through shipping, a very small amount of rubble rock may be present upon receipt of the box. This is normal and is a result of transportation to your door. The small amount of rubble can help to seed your new aquariums, or can be added to the refugium to establish hiding places for copapods and other micro-fauna.