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Picture is of a few of our live corals.

Live Coral

Coral reefs are vibrant ecosystems teeming with color and saltwater marine life. More than 6,000 species of corals are known, some live in warm shallow tropical waters and other live corals are in the colder oceans of the Pacific. Most Saltwater Aquariums are begun because of observing the beauty of an ocean reef or perhaps the desire came from seeing beautiful coral in a reef aquarium. A tank full of live coral and marine life make a beautiful home aquarium. There are live corals that are excellent for the beginner reef aquarist. Other corals are more difficult requiring more exacting water chemistry and lighting that can compete with the power of the sun over a shallow ocean reef. Whatever your experience or passion, our saltwater tanks stay stocked with a large selection of tank raised and wild live coral. Live coral orders are carefully hand selected for both health & coloration.

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Due to variations in live corals, please expect differences in size, shape and colors. While Aquarium Creations strives to display as accurately as possible the colors of the marine life shown, we cannot guarantee that the colors displayed exactly reproduce the colors of the product being offered. This may depend on the color reproduction on your computer screen or mobile device.
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