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Saltwater Invertebrates

Invertebrates are some of the most beautiful and captivating sea creatures and are perfect for the saltwater aquarium. We offer the largest selection of Invertebrates (also called Inverts), most are hardy and the perfect marine life for both the beginner and advanced aquarist. Our variety includes Starfish, Urchins, Clams, Scallops, Anemone's, Sea Sponge, Sea Cucumbers, Shrimp, Fan Worms, Octopus, Lobsters, we can go on and on. But what all these pecies have in common is that they are an animal without a backbone, they are all saltwater invertebrate. Some species for the marine aquarium like Nudibranchs, Feather Dusters and anemone are kept for their desirable aesthetic characteristics while other Marine Inverts are the work-horse of the reef aquarium, keeping it both clean and healthy.

We can separate most Marine Invertebrate into two categories by the job they perform in a reef tank clean up crew. There are the marine inverts considered to be scavengers, going through the substrate for decaying organic material. This is very important because Ammonia, Nitrates and Phosphates which are all toxic to both fish and plant life are all by products of organic waste. By eliminating the waste the water quality stays healthier for the inhabitants. Saltwater Aquarium Invertebrate such as the Coral Banded Shrimp and Nassarius Snail all joyfully feed on decaying organic material and uneaten food. They make the perfect clean up crew for eliminating organic waste.

In the second group of reef cleaner invertebrates are the herbivorous algae eaters. Some algae growth is normal and healthy, but excess algae growth is unsightly and can be hazardous to both fish and plants. There are hard working saltwater invertebrate such as the Red Scarlet Hermit Crab who love to eat hair algae and the Emerald Crab that will rid a tank of troublesome bubble algae. For Cyano Bacteria the Cerith Snail and Dwarf Red Leg Hermit Crab will keep it clean. Finally the brown or green film algae that covers your aquarium glass, simply choose invertebrates that consume both film algae and diatoms.

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Photos are representative of each species. Each animal is unique and variations should be expected.
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