Melonberry Montipora Capricornis
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Melonberry Montipora Capricornis, Aquacultured

Picture of Melonberry Montipora Capricornis, Aquacultured
Actual color, not touched up

Approximate Purchase Size: 1-1/2" to 2"

Description The Melonberry Montipora Capricornis grows outward in thick horizontal plates. Purple to Blue polyps make a striking contrast peppered over its lemon yellow skin. It's an easy coral to grow in the established reef aquarium, and looks and thrives best under lower kelvin lighting, and actinic lighting will electrify its polyps.

Difficulty Easy

Aggressiveness Peaceful

Water Flow This coral requires a moderate level of water flow

Lighting This coral requires low to moderate lighting (PAR 100-250) (from 2 to 4 watts per gallon), to maintain its color. T5's, Metal Halides, or LED's can all grow sps when the proper levels are provided. This coral does best under lower kelvin lighting so we recommend a 14-20K color spectrum for both best health and coloration.

Placement Place this one on an exposed rock or ledge in the aquarium where it will receive direct flow and light.

Diet and Feeding This coral is photosynthetic. Meaning a good portion of its nutrition comes from the algae zooxanthellae, through the light they receive. We recommend providing supplemental food such as micro-plankton, baby brine shrimp, or foods designed for filter feeding invertebrates. Also provide the supplemental addition of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water.

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