Reef Safe Cleaner Packages for Algae Clean up|Popular Reef Aquarium Algae Control Package
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Simple Cleaner Package

Simple Cleaner Package for Reef Aquariums

The Simple Cleaner Package is a great value package including cleaners for your rock, sand and aquarium glass. Our Simple Cleaner Package controls troublesome algae. Filamentous (hair algae) is eliminated by the hermit crabs, and film algae is wiped away by the snails, Detritus and uneaten food is eliminated with the Nassarius Snails. All of the members of this pack will also attack various microalgae (including cyanobacteria) that may be found in the aquarium.

Tank Cleaners Included:

Super Tongan Nassarius Snails(Nassarius distortus): Highly desirable because they have a voracious appetite. The Nassarius Snail searches through the aquarium sand and climbs rockwork scavenging left over fish food, decaying matter and other meaty bits. They require a sandbed as this is where they spend their time hiding waiting for food to become available. When they smell something to eat, they'll emerge out of the sand consuming whatever they find to eat. They are also quite fascinating, watching them is fun.

Astrea/Turbo Snail(Astraea tecta):A smaller snail, only reaching about one inch once fully matured. 100% reef safe and a good all around saltwater cleaner snail with a great appetite. They favor filamentous (hair algae), but also consumes green or brown film algae, diatoms, and Cyanobacteria. Astrea snails are the ideal snail to be placed in your aquarium as soon as ammonia and nitrite levels reach acceptable levels (less than 1 ppm). One of the best snails for controlling Diatom's, (light brown/red algae), Green Algae Blooms and Dark Purple/Red Slime algae . Astrea snails are easily identified based on the characteristic sharp conical shell circled by a large ridge. Once acclimated to their new surroundings Astrea snails are quite hardy.

Red Tip Hermit Crab(Chibanarius digueti): - Voracious scavengers. These small hermit crabs are among the best at grazing algae, including slime algae. They are an omnivore, they will sift through the sand and live rock for algae, detritus, uneaten food and decaying organics. The Red Tip Hermits feeding methods also help aerate the sand bed and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Picture of the Astrea Snail Picture of Tongan Nassarius Snail Picture of Red Tip Hermit Crab
Package Contents $59.99
Astrea/Turbo Snail 20
Tongan Nassarius Snails 10
Red Tip Hermit Crabs 10

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