Sump Rock | Rubble Rock|Biological for Saltwater Aquarium Refugiums,Sumps
  Aquarium Live Rock

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Aquarium Rock | Rubble Rock | Sump Rock

Saltwater aquarium sump rock

Rubble Rock called Sump Rock is an excellent way to seed your biological or help strengthen your aquarium biological.

$11.99 Premium Combo Per Pound shipped

$299.99 Premium Combo Per 25 lp. Box shipped

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Due to variations in live rock, please expect differences in size and shape. Newly shipped live rock will not contain much color. As long as your tank parameters are kept in good check coralline colors will become evident on the live rock over time but it doesn't happen overnight. Please be patient. If you wish immediate purple colored rock we suggest you purchase a artificial live rock we sell called "RealReef Rock". RealReef Rock comes with lifelike purple coloration applied to the surface of the rock. Finally from going through shipping, a very small amount of rubble rock may be present upon receipt of the box. This is normal and is a result of transportation to your door. The small amount of rubble can help to seed your new aquariums, or can be added to the refugium to establish hiding places for copapods and other micro-fauna.