Ocean Clams: Maxima and other tridacna clams for Marine Aquarium & Reef Tanks
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Tridacna Clams

Why Keep Tridacnid Clams? Tridacna clams are some of the most intriguing of all reef aquarium species, tridacnid clams actually provide a range of benefits well beyond their beauty and novelty. Clams are filter feeders, meaning that they help marine aquariums maintain high water quality by absorbing nitrates, ammonia and other organics that are harmful to sensitive reef tank inhabitants even in very low concentrations. Beside that, few if any reef aquarium species have the wide range of vibrant colours that the Tridacna clam species offer as well as the "oooh" factor from non-reef aquarium hobbyists.

Keeping Tridacna Clams Healthy and growing in a reef aquarium requires a similar system of care to that of SPS corals. Bright lighting such as that provided by metal halide aquarium lights or Strong LED Lighting or a combination of T5's plus other lighting is an absolute necessity, in that most clams generate energy by photosynthesis as well as by filter feeding. Moderate to high water flow within the marine aquarium will ensure that your clams receive an ample supply of water to continually filter feed on. High levels of calcium provided by either a calcium reactors or daily dosing, will help the clams to develop thick and healthy shells and to grow rapidly.

Tridacna Clams are relatively slow growing reef aquarium inhabitants, a trait that is actually considered a positive feature by most advanced reef tank hobbyists. Clams do not encroach on other reef tank species in the way that often corals do, and offer peace of mind as well as beauty for their keepers.

Picture of Deresa Clam Striped with Blue Rim
Striped Blue Rim Derasa Clam
Aquacultured (Tridacna Deresa)

Picture of Deresa Clam, Thin Bar, Aquacultured/
Thin Bar Deresa Clam
Aquacultured (Tridacna Deresa)

Picture of Aquacultured, Squamosa Clam
Aquacultured, Squamosa Clam,
(Tridacna Squamosa)

Picture of Aquacultured Blue/Purple Maxima Clam
Maxima Clam, Blue/Purple Aquacultured,(Tridacna Maxima)

Picture of Blue Maxima Clam, Aquacultured
Blue Maxima Clam, Aquacultured,(Tridacna Maxima)

Picture of Multicolor Maxima Clam Aquacultured,(Tridacna Maxima)
Multicolor Maxima Clam, Aquacultured,(Tridacna Maxima)

Picture of Gold Maxima Clam<BR>Tridacna Maxima
Golden Maxima Clam
(Tridacna Maxima)

Picture of Maxima Clams from Tahiti, Tridacna Maxima
Maxima Clams from Tahiti
(Tridacna Maxima)

Picture of Black and White Ultra Maxima Clams
Black and White Ultra Maxima Clams
(Tridacna Maxima)

Picture of Green Maxima Clam
Green Maxima Clam
(Tridacna Maxima)

Picture of Aquacultured Gigas Clams
Finally after 10 Years Aquacultured Gigas Clams!

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